Austin agrees.

If you watch the media scrum yesterday it seems Kent Austin had a few words he would of loved to tell the media about the CFL ref's but couldn't speak freely without the fact that if he did he would be fined by the league. What are we a Communist Country now, what the Hell happened to freedom of Speech, now I know why when I complain about CFL ref's many fans jump on my comments like I'm putting down the entire CFL league. Why the heck are many fans so protective of CFL Ref's if they screw up or do a bad job? It feels like a little vindication when the Head Coach agrees the CFL Ref's are supposed to be professional and keep a balance in the rules or at least call a penalty when it actually is a penalty not call something that isen't or when they feel like calling one. What happened to the Rule book, I guess Tom Higgins and his staff threw that out the window. The CFL needs better ref's plain and Simple and if some simple can't understand that well good for you but lets see how you feel the next time one of our players get injured on an illegal hit or a missed call blows a game for us!!

Refs have somehow forgotten what constitutes horsecollar tackling. Another horrible call vs. TOR last night that helped set up a TD.

Oh my God....not another referee sucks thread. We know....they sucked the last game. Austin said it without saying out loud. Why would he put money in the league coffers to publicly state the obvious. And CFL rules prohibit publicly calling out the refs so I guess they are a communist organization. Really?
Not one fan likes bad calls. Let the Ticat organization handle the issue in a professional, business like manner. As Austin did.
Not with another ranting thread.
Just my opinion. :wink:

Agree, the more teams complain about the reffing, the more bad calls that are borderline are going to go agains't you I think.