Austin, A Players coach

There is a different style of coaching this year compared to last season.

From Drew

[i][b]Ryan Hinds knew things were different this year when he got a hug.

The Ticats defensive back — who is on his third head coach in four seasons with the club — was somewhat taken aback when he received an embrace from head coach Kent Austin when the two met for this first time this week.

“It’s a much different atmosphere than last year and I think it’s welcome,? Hinds said Friday after the team wrapped up three days of workouts at McMaster University.[/b][/i]

[i][b]A brilliant game planner and tactician, Cortez’ otherwise old-school approach was long on practice time and short on communication.

Receiver Andy Fantuz didn’t want to compare the regimes directly, but it’s clear Austin’s long career as a CFL quarterback — he won two Grey Cups — gives him added credibility.

“You can tell that he knows what it’s like to be a player. He doesn’t run us into the ground, but when it’s our turn to do a drill, he wants it done right,? said Fantuz, who played for Austin when the Riders won the 2007 championship. “He’s got that confidence, it just kind of beams off him.?[/b][/i]

...and a multi-tasker too!

GM... Coach... QB Guru... and serenading the troops during a break in the drills! It looks like he may be doing some kinda' Cajun Jig as well!

What a guy! Forget Doug! We've got our own 'Flutey'!

Good job!

I see you did some editing on my photo, lol! :thup:

Still hate to be the guy Austin thinks is dogging it or ignoring direction. He has a temper and doesnt suffer fools gladly every bit as much as Cortez.

ya i agree so far from what ive heard of him hes good in my books i think this team being as young as we are may need that father guidance when u do good ull hear hit when ur bad ur gonna know it. then lets learn from our mistakes and move on i dont see kent with no sharpie up his nose might be a few foots to a players butt and thats ok too

“I can tell from some of the pixels…” etc. etc. :wink:

Personally, I'm looking forward to a long and productive career for Kent Austin here in Hamilton.

I think he is going to be a player's coach. He has the ability to be at their level while fully

understanding the nuances of the game and relating to players and fans alike. Good luck, Kent!

I made it out to mini-camp on Friday and it was nice to see the change. He can't be worse than Cortez.

I was actually quite impressed by Coach Reinebold. He shared a lot of wisdom with the guys and his delivery was hilarious. "What was Diston's HUGE mistake that would have cost his team?" lol. Funny guy, but very focussed on details. I like his style.