Aussie style playoff format

I know that there have been discussions on different playoff formats, but I don't think anyone has discussed this yet (I could be wrong).
I was thinking maybe it would be better if the CFL had a shorter season (14 or 16 games) and adopted an expanded playoff format similar to the one used in Aussie Rules.
To work, this would require the divisions to be balanced, so a tenth team would be needed (whether Halifax, Quebec City, or even another ONT team like London or Windsor). You could still have the crossover if desired. The 5th place team in a division with a better record than the 4th place team in the other division would take their place. While were at it, as we're talking about a shorter season, the schedule wouldn't be balanced, so going back to conferences (with maybe a few inter-conference games) would probably work better.
The Aussie style playoff format should generate more interest in the playoffs as there is no guarantee for the first place team to host the division final. A qualifying round is added to the start of the playoffs where the 2 top finishing teams play to see who gets to host the conference final. The 3rd and 4th place teams would play an elimination round with the winner going on to play in the semi-finals, which would be hosted by the loser of the game between 1st and 2nd. The winner of that game plays in the final against the winner of the qualifying round. To make it a little more interesting, it could be exactly like the Aussie format and have the winners of the semi-finals crossover to play in the opposite conference final. Of course, winners of the conference final games go on to play in the Grey Cup.
I think that this format would generate more interest in the playoffs (first place teams don't get an automatic by into the final) and I think that a shortened season would make for less injuries and more rested players for the post season.
I know there is no chance the CFL would ever adopt this, but it is interesting to speculate. As I said, I think this would generate more fan interest in the CFL and lead to the league to ask for more money for the season and playoffs (or at least that would be the hope).

All I know is the Grand Final ended in a tie a few years back and they came back the next week to play the match again. I love watching Aussie Football, but the playoff format seems strange to me. Seems unnecessarily complex to me

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It seems more complicated than it really is. In a CFL context, you're just adding a round of playoff games to the start to determine which of the top 2 teams in each of the divisions (or conference) goes on to host the final, and who has to host the semi-final. The other game in the first round just determines who plays the host of the semis.
I just think that the Aussie style playoff format would make the post season a bit more interesting by adding another round at the start (with 2 games in each division/conference). It also makes it a bit more interesting in that there is no guaranteed bye into the finals, top teams have to play to earn that bye.

I posted the bracket awhile back, but dont remember where.

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OK, I assumed that something like this had been posted before, but couldn't find anything that looked related. Obviously my search skills are lacking. Doesn't hurt to throw ideas out there even if they've been discussed before (I guess). Or maybe that's contravening forum rules, I don't know.
The bottom line is that I think playoff format needs to be tweaked as the current one is getting a little stale (IMO).

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Can you draw a picture (bracket?) of this? Having a hard time comprehending what you said in writing.

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try this

aussie afl playoff bracket - Bing images


aussie afl playoff bracket - Bing images

American football in Japan has a system whereby half of the season's schedule is determined. After the midway point is reached the final half of the season gets determined:

Sort of has a college world series look to it.

maybe this will even be clearer

AFL final eight system - Wikipedia

That would be a hard sell. Eight teams make the playoffs out of nine. Meaningless regular season.

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for what it is worth. Copa tournament started out with 10 teams and went into playoffs with 8. Worked for me.

Not necessarily. Could work for a six team format.

Would need 12 teams though.

Would settle with 10 to start with.

This is the same playoff format used in curling tournaments.

First Round: 1v2 , 3v4
Second Round: Loser of 1v2 hosts the winner of 3v4
Third Round: Winner of 1v2 hosts the winner of the 2nd round game for the (division) championship.

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The more I think about it, the more I like this. It adds an extra guaranteed week of playoff action while the best-two-out-of-three semifinals MIGHT have a deciding game 3.

The only drawback is 8 out of 9 make the playoffs.

If the 5th place west team has a better record than the 4th place east team, the 5th place west team take the place of the 4th place east team in the east division bracket. That way the best 8 make the tournament and the east/west tradition continues.

I just don't think there will be much incentive to win in the regular season ...and the fans will sense that and won't see the point of going to games until the playoffs start. No sense of urgency to trade players, etc. since any team with a heartbeat makes the playoffs.

That being said, the 2 out of 3 is better...unless divisions are abolished and the bracket looks like this:

Upper bracket First Round: 1v4, 5v8
Lower bracket First Round: 2v3, 6v7

Upper second round: loser of 1v4 hosts the winner of 5v8
Lower second round: loser of 2v3 hosts the winner of 6v7

Upper Third Round: Winner of 1v4 hosts the winner of the 2nd round game in upper bracket
Lower Third Round: Winner of 2v3 hosts the winner of the 2nd round game in lower bracket

4th round (Grey Cup): Winner of upper bracket vs. Winner of lower bracket

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That's basically the way the AFL (Aussie rules) does it. So, yes, it could be done like that, but it would have to be a balanced schedule to make it fair, so might have to be a longer season. That combined with a longer playoff format, could result in the playoffs and GC being held much later in the year (kind of like this season). For outdoor stadiums on the prairies, that would likely result in fewer fans, not more. You could start much earlier in the year, but that could hurt attendance in the beginning of the season .
Anyway, those points aside, the playoff format you posted would work fine (just as it does for the Aussies).

I respectfully disagree. Eight out of nine making the playoffs does not require a balanced schedule. Two out of nine making the playoffs (just a Grey Cup and no other playoff matchups) WOULD necessitate a balanced schedule.

I've always thought that all professional leagues should shorten their regular season and then have a promotion-relegation cutoff and expand their playoffs. Playoff games just mean more. 82 hockey games? We all hear the groans about the 'dog days' between Xmas and March. Only maybe 60 of them really matter. 162 baseball games? Gimme a break, hundreds of meaningless games.

However the CFL with only nine teams as a bit too small for anything more fancy than they already have. I would love to go back to 16 regular season games and add at least a 3rd pre-season game - better football (especially in July) and less injuries - but it will never happen.

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