Augustine did the job

Andrew Harris is arguably the greatest Canadian RB in the modern era. Along with Jon Cornish.
Blocks. Runs. Receiver.
But that will where on guy down.
I really like the last game at the late in the game. They put Augustine in to grinde out the clock with a lead.
Now about the mid point of the season with the Bombers. Leading the pack.
Working Augustine in to grinde out and run down hill. Giving Harris a blow here and there. Will keep Harris a bit fresher heading into the playoff.
All about the coaching & scheme

Hard to say we’ll have the luxury of a good lead to grind out the clock…Big injuries, tough sched…

We’ll likely have to lean on AH.

I really like Johnny Augustine. I used to live in Sth. Ont. and I followed Johnny at Guelph. He is not only a good RB. He’s an all around good athlete… This was a very good signing.

Yes, Johnny Augustine! Born in Welland and attended Guelph University.

There’s one and only one thing I don’t like about Johnny Augustine. Punch his name into Google and you’ll see the description “American football running back” immediately under his name.

Wikipedia though has it right. “Johnny Augustine is a professional Canadian football Running Back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.”

Johnny I think should walk into Google’s offices and severely chastise the company’s management for the personal insult. He should let them know in no uncertain terms that it takes twelve men to chase him down and that facing just eleven is for sissies.


…I really like this kid…AND in the event that Harris can’t go (I know wash my mouth out with soap) he’d be more than an adequate replacement…He is a fantastic athlete and a great back-up to Andrew…Watch him when he does get a chance to get in the game…solid… and glad we have him on our roster…

I’m thinking that Friday’s game in Edmonton would be the ideal time to give Johnny Augustine a start since Andrew Harris banged himself up in practice slightly and could probably use a bit of a rest anyway. Moreover Augustine is accustomed to taking second team reps with this week’s starting QB Chris Streveler.


Go for it in your fantasy line up.

Unless Harris is bigtime hurt we need to lean on him over the next few weeks…he’ll play.

…Even if Andrew is a 100 percent (which right now is doubtful) I want to see Augustine get some serious touches…We might see a lot of him Friday night…Might prove to be a move that’ll benefit the O …and the game experience he would get won’t hurt either

You know what Harris is like. Hard to get him to take a seat.

Yeah, the Shmoes won’t know what to do with him being an unknown RB to them. Be nice to see him burn them a few times.

So Johnny Augustine is pencilled in as a backup to Andrew Harris on the Depth Chart this week.

Like I say, I’d really like to see them both in the backfield at the same time in place of a WR. That would really cross up the Eskimos’ Defence.


I have to agree but what would it do to Lapo’s brain? :slight_smile:

Anyone that thought we weren’t going to go heavy run with Harris hasn’t been paying attention.
In a perfect world we have a 30 point lead and can put Augustine in…but that unlikely to happen.

Again, we need to lean on AH.


Well be careful what you wish for…

Now do we need a back up for Augustine, or just keep Miller back there?

Well I’ve taken your advice for this coming week anyway. At $4500 I was very suprised at Johnny Augustine’s price tag though.


Imagine how rested, injury free and gung ho Harris will be when he gets back. He’ll be chomping at the bit. This could turn out to be a boon.

Or do we go with Santiago ? I believe we have been playing with an extra Canadian.

Alright Johnny!

It’s time to shine!

While Johnny Augustine took first team reps at practice today, I understand that there’s some doubt as to whether he’ll be the actual starting tailback for the Bombers on Sunday.