August Games

Why is it every season the Ti-cats get only 1 home game in August?
July and August are the 2 'summer' months and we (usually) only get 3 home games between those 2 months. This year there is an exception with a 3rd July game.

It would be nice to see a more balanced schedule with a home game roughly every 2 weeks and more summer games at home.

:lol: why do they always schedule game in july and august? Dont they know we go to the cottage every weekend.

Bring back the fall home games, that football season...

Btw, there is no game july 3rd.

haha, no I meant there are 3 home games in July.

Tiger-Cats fans are rarely happy/satisfied; they complain against the schedule,dates of some games,power rankins,etc...

Some complaining and attend the games.


Yes, Ticat fans have been some of the worst complainers and have the most excuses for not attending games.
People don't like the weekend games in the summer because they go to the cottage, yet I doubt many Ticat fans have cottages. Others have complained about the Thursday night games, they finish too late and they have to be up for work next morning. If it's forecasted for rain, you know the attendance will be low, it it's forecasted for hot weather the attendance will be low. When we were young it was different, we didn't care about the rain or heat. There was no TV coverage of home games and we didn't care if we sat on a bench with no backs.
All Games are broadcast in HD on large flat screen TV and 3D coming soon, you can sit in a comfortable chair and even pause live TV.

It must be frustrating for the Ticat organization to try to please everyone and encourage fans to actually come to the game and not sit at home.

"yet I doubt many Ticat fans have cottages."

Just curious, why do you doubt many ticat fans have cottages?

It's an opinion. I "doubt" that many Ticat fans have cottages.
It wasn't a statement of "fact", I didn't say "not many fans have cottages" I just "doubt" they do, since the complaints about going to the cottage were one or two people.

I have one but im not going up and missing a cats game, that's why I like the fact we don't have a ton of home games in the summer. I do agree with you though that people will complain about anything they can on here.

I like fact there only 1 home game in Aug Means I can take a Vacation durring our Bye Week

There certainly are a lot of sensitive people on these boards. I'm complaining?
No, I was trying to have a discussion (what message boards are intended for), and obviously, most of you feel differently then I do which is perfectly fine.

I was simply pointing out that its much more enjoyable to go to a game in nice weather as opposed to October. Additionally, as a season ticket holder, it has been my observation over the past 5 years that the August game is usually in the first week of August and Labour Day is of course the first week of September resulting in an 1 month gap of no home game during the prime summer season. Then you end up with the final 6 home games shoe-horned into September and October.

I can understand the logic for those of you with a cottage to go, the break in the schedule is convenient, but not all of us are as fortunate.

We play at home the last weekend of July and the first weekend of September. And right in the middle of August. The only reason it seems so spread out is that the bye week is right after that August 13th game.

How many TiCat fans does it take to complain about screwing in a lightbulb?