August CFL/NFL game

Could you have an August CFL/NFL game where it counts as a regular season game for the CFL and a pre-season game for the NFL? Too much inequity for something like that?


Unless the two leagues were to merge, I don't see any plausible reason why the league would allow a CFL vs NFL game to count in the standings.

..and the NFL will not be a willing participant, as a loss to the CFL (even pre-season) would tarnish their superior grandiose image.

It would be impossible. The NFL is trying to evaluate players right now and set their rosters, The last thing they would need would need right now would be to try to teach these rookies CFL rules. How could you play Canadian rules on an NFL field? there would be TWO EXTRA players on the NFL sized field. It just wouldn't work.

I think we have had dozens of threads started about CFL vs NFL, let's drop it.
How about - the CFL vs the Arena league All Stars ??? first half in an arena, second half outside on a CFL field. They could do it in Ottawa where the arena is attached to the North Stands.
Or how about a "throw back" game? since the CFL began as Rugby and the Grey Cup was first awarded to the top Rugby team in Canada how about an exhibition against a visiting British Lions team. First half Rugby rules minus equipment, second half CFL rules with equipment?

It would have to be an exhibition game for both. Have it replace the pro-bowl as I don't really think most NFL fans care about it anymore. Plus it gives us a reason to go to Hawaii in February :smiley:

Family guy... barf...

Why would anyone want this?
I don't understand the point.

Would their be any attraction from the person on the street perspective? More variety?

To each their own.