August 8 @Toronto

Game,set , FUC**D. 0-7 What a team.

One bad mistake by Smith. Still he hung in there tough and gave them a shot. No way Tino gets away from half of those broken tackles by Smith. It would have been probably 10 sacks instead of only 6. LOL only 6 good job O line on protection.

Riders should've won by 10, instead lose by 4. That pretty much sums it up. This is a season of woulda, coulda, shouda. They should be 5-2, maybe 4-3 right now instead they are 0-7.

I have never ever seen anything like that. Horrid officiating both ways. Absolutely disgusting. It made me embarrassed to even be a fan of football.

Smith looked great. The INT was caused, IMO, because they stopped pushing the ball deep for 1.5+ quarters and the D stopped respecting it. A young QB mistake...he should have been looking underneath with 7 seconds left...get a TD or the ball inside the 5. So what if time runs get one last play on 0 so long as you get down...7 seconds to get down or in from problem.

The D looked great, but Harris can go. Still not a fan of the 3 man front so often.

Again...the officiating was painful. I can not sit through something like that ever again and won't. It will be the last time I watch a full game of time I turn it off or walk out of the stadium.

Yes the officiating sucked. How many late or head shots did Smith take ? Why didn’t the Riders reciprocate on Harris? Hell they got called on everything else.

3 man front is a joke as is the blitz 95 % of the time. Same blitz same player every time. Pathetic.

Lol Cory said that this week they had some of their best practices and take 23 yes 23 penalties for 182 yards, 2 majors off the board. I would sure hate to see what would have happened if they sucked at practice.

Saskatchewan: 24 penalties for 192 yards. Toronto: 19 and 175 yards.

Lack of discipline by both teams.


Yes lack of discipline by both teams difference is 2 things Rider lost yet again and are 0-7. Toronto won and are in first place.

Sure the Argo's coaching staff can't be happy with taken that many penalties. Personally they should at got at least one more major for hitting Smith when he was all ready down and the whistle had blown. That was a complete joke not being called. Still they had a short week had more Sacks then the Riders and came back twice to win.

I can't say they deserved the win even though they hung in there but the Riders did everything they could do to gift wrap it for them.

Biggest difference between teams like the Riders and say the Stamps? Stamps find ways to win games they have no business winning and the Riders find ways to lose games when there is no way they should have. I swear if there is any team that can go win less all season this is the team. Who can they beat by taken points off the board game in and game out and not only usually once a game but multiple times? No one that's who.

sadly, I think the mentality will be " we were close" so nobody (the board, taman, etc) will care that it was a loss. i didn't listen to any post game interviews but I can hear it now...we made some good plays, blah blah blah...penalties, blah blah blah...get em next time, blah blah blah

And yet another game without a defensive turnover. The D line is looking much better which is good but the rest need to step it up.

It was basically "we made a lot of good plays, but most times we did we offset it with poor plays and decisions" which I thought was pretty accurate. This was another game that the Riders dominated much of. The play itself was spot on, it was the ridiculous amount of penalties...and not all of that is on them. There was some straight up a player stepping in and pushing an Argo off his QB after the QB got hit after the whistle had gone and the OL started turning around on the penalty to the argos but the Riders get one...really? Then there was the bench BS. The only reason it was called was because a player not dressed got involved...doesn't matter...that is total crap. Bad calls happen...bad calls and missed calls went both ways...but there were some ones that were beyond pathetic against the Riders. As for the offsides...I felt that by about 1/2 way through the second the timing was much better....the receivers are still ahead of the count and have to stutter step to wait for the snap...that is to be expected, but did improve as the game went on. The holding on returns was the game turner though IMO. Oh...the cut block was total BS as well...made contact high enough.

Really...I had no major concerns (penalties aside of course), and thought they looked good all around for the most part. My main concerns were:

  • Harris needs to sit. Move Brack up, start LeGree. Then again...maybe MacDougall will be back next game. Harris was bad again. Brack played GREAT...first time I felt I could say that this season.
  • The DL looked spot on most of the night. They did best when Tennant was in.
  • Less 3 down DL on 2nd and long
  • Why did they basically stop the long ball? I think that was a huge mistake and was the leading contributor to the INT.
  • Less Miller up the gut, more pitches...burn those DEs...tire em out for a play then run at them with Messam.
  • The OL gave up sacks...but basically once Fulton was limping. They need to have some redundancy there...they don't
  • Clark needs a game off. He is rainbowing snaps and way too grabby

I could live with this D as they played...replace Harris (most of the bigger plays were on him), stop...for the love of god stop blitzing Brack from Safety...otherwise it looked pretty good overall.

I will also say this. You can not take that kind of a penalty on a the F...............................that 3 points means a chip shot at the end...

For the first seven games of the season, the Riders have had 109 penalties-close to 16 a game- for 924 yards. 4 yards less than the 928 they gained on the ground,since the beginning of season.


Yes...everyone knows it is ridiculous. There is no excuse for it.

Man...Smith looked looked crushed in his post game interview...gotta feel for the kid

Yes that is not good and something he needs to shake off. If he dwells on his mistakes he is toast. Learn from it and let it go. He played his heart out and took some serious licks trying to get the win. Have to get him back on the horse in the next game and show that a mistake is going to happen every now and then. The kid shows so much potential and certainly isn't shy of getting dirty.

Sign him to 3 years now and show that there is a very good possibility he will be the starter in a year or two at most. Think he is that diamond depop you were looking for. Just needs as you say a bit of polishing.

Have you seen the video? He is not dwelling on just stings now...that is normal and that is good. Shame it is a bye. And yeah...I agree with an extension....that would be a huge sign of support...even if it is nominally more money for now.

Diamond in the rough...idunno...too soon to say, but I have liked him so far and have from his first snap. I am "meh" on Price, but I do want to see him at some point...even more so I want to see Sims. I am not saying now...Smith needs to keep going....but I would either axe Tino over the next week...6 game him...or PR him. The team needs to see all of these guys at some point this season so they can build for 2016. If one of them looks respectable beyond Smith (and my money is on Sims) I would look to trade Glenn should the opportunity arise (2nd round draft pick)...otherwise keep him around and make a decision on him for 2016 based on DD's progression in about 4-5 months. There are a few teams in the east that might bite.

Agreed on all points. The officiating is definitely making the game unwatchable. I used to watch every single cfl game but now I find it much more enjoyable to follow on twitter. The bloody refs have to huddle up for an offside call for crying out loud. The illegal contact rule is brutal- it's not basketball for f### sakes.

Smith is definitely a keeper (the close ups last night with him with his helmet on looked like young Kent Austin). He's got some fire in him and threw for some incredible yards if it wasn't for some stupid undisciplined penalties. Tino should be turfed, he has no future with this team or league. He just doesn't have it. When Glenn gets heathy, I'd say keep him as second string. According to the press Glenn's salary is heavily performance based. I'd only let him go if we could get a good draft pick or some young blood.

No question he has a bit of fire in him which is good as long as he can keep his head on straight in the heat of the battle. A couple of times last night some team mates had to step in and calm him down. Still like his no backing down attitude just as long as he can use it in a positive way instead of possibly it turning into a negative.