August 8 @Toronto

Looking forward to seeing some of the new guys

Loved Wilson's interview. Not too often you see a WR grin at the idea of making some hits.

Didn't he say he had played S? That'd be why.

yup...still not super common for WRs to be looking for contact. JR was another rarity like that at one point.

ON: 10 Miller*, 28 LeGree*, 86 Wilson*, 99 Monroe*
OFF: 14 Richardson*, 26 Allen*, 30 Clark*, 37 Hollins*,

I knew Miller was getting more reps...wasn't sure they would pull the trigger. My concern is that he is a worse blocker than Allen...though time off the 46 may have improved that

A little surprised to see Monroe on...I thought he might not make the 44 but I think it is close to a game time decision based on some guys nicked up on the DL. I heard George is and I know Walker is...I actually think Walker will sit.

Really happy to see LeGree back...thought there was a chance he would be at Safety and Brack moved to LB...not on paper anyways...but we shall see.

With Wilson and Miller on it would appear they might want to take pressure off Smith by opening up shorter option...get it into speedy guys hands and see if they can make things happen.

Not possible to be a worse blocker than Allen.

Agree that Walker will sit. I was actually expecting him to be on the injured list.

Probably easing him back into action since a long layoff.

I hope so. Smith needs it.

No Smith just needs time to get up to speed and game play time the rest I agree with though is always possible to be a worse blocker. it is a 50lb I am hoping he has studied his arse off for this opportunity...because he has to know this is an impress or farewell situation at this point.

West, Dan - 6.02
LeGree, Mark - 6
Harris, Macho - 6
Maze, Terrell - 5.11
Webster, Matt - 5.11
Tisdale, Geoff - 5.11
Carter, Michael - 5.10
Jackson, Tristan - 5.08
Suber, Alex - 5.07

Gurley, Tori - 6.04
Elliott, Kevin - 6.03
Hazelton, Vidal - 6.03
Stala, Dave - 6.02
Bradfield, Kevin - 6.01

Adjei, Natey - 5.1
Owens, Chad - 5.08

Something to watch

Extra 50 lbs means nothing if you don't use them.

All Miller has to do is get in the way and he's already better than Allen. Besides, I think with Miller in, he will get less blocking assignments and more valve and bubble routes.

Dressler and Walker sitting tonight.

17 FEN POINTS GONE ON PENALTIES!!! 17, How can you expect to win any game taking 17 points off the board? NO FEN DISCIPLINE. UNFREAKEN REAL.

They will not win a game this year if they keep taking penalties like this. They are beating themselves game in game out. this game should be a blow out all ready for the Riders but for stupid morons taking stupid undisciplined penalties.

OMG the refs are now just giving the game to the Argos. TWO TIMES SMITH HIT and Riders get the only penalties.

Holy crap a td and no penalty. Question is why not go for two to make it a 3 point lead possibly? 2 points not likely going to make a diff.

This reffing is a joke. that goes both I guess their patheticness is consistent at least. The tripping penalty was laughable and the wild arm while getting pushed hits the QB in the face mask and THAT is the roughing you call? Then there is the horse collar yeah...the Argos are getting crapped on to. Tough for the players to get consistency when the refs do crap like that. The Riders timing does seem to be getting better between the WRs and Smith though...Smith is having a top end game...if 1/2 of those offsides that did nothing don't happen this team is destroying the Argos right now.

OH...And the DL is getting an amazing push....HUGE difference in overall performance. Connop has looked pretty good, but Tennant...they gotta get him in there more....he is money

This team is FU***D. Back to back td’s allowed. To once again in 6 games blow the lead. Now I guess we will see if Cory is still safe or not.

5 sacks allowed to the Argos a team that is playing on a short week. Brutal

Again why they didn't go for the two point convert after the 1st td is mind boggling. They kick the 1 and only lead by 2. How many games do you win by 2? They make the 2 points and are only down by 2 possible field goal wins it.

make that 6 sacks