August 5th - Eskies Lions - Who's gonna win

Lions will win in my opinion, anybody else

I forgot to add eskies in a close one
my bad
write a post if you vote for eskies in a close one

eskies in a close one , i say between 2-9 points

eskimos in a close one. 37-33

Now that the Esks obtained Kwame Cavil from the Als, and since Hervey is hurt for a few games, the Esks receiving corps with Tucker, Mookie Mitchell, Outstanding rookie wideout, Trevor Gaylor and now Kwame Cavil in the mix, our receiving corps definately will out-dual BC's. Sanchez should be back from injury next Friday and the Esks defence is much better than BC's, plus BC has one of the worst O-LINES in the league. Look for Kwame Cavil and the rest of that Esks receiving core to rip up BC in a 38-24 win in BC PLACE YOU BC LION BITCHES!

PS. Jeanty and Montford will have a sack or two each!

I don't know, they looked pretty good on Friday. It'll be a good run for sure. No blowouts, but Lions by a close one.

esks in a close one



It's done n done. No need for a poll!

I say Esks by about 10-14 points now after rethinking my original thoughts of this game.

BC Lions byt 17 points no problem.

I think the Eskimos will beat BC as the Lions think too highly of themselves these days and may just slip up. Go Ricky!!

i say lions will win in a close one but we will still win

what?... and the esks tied for first in the CFL don't think highly of themselves?? pathetic reasoning there buddy...

Lions win close. If the Esks had managed to stay healthy or if they can get at least one reciever back they'd win

that doesn't make sense. you're just contradicting your first choice.

Go Lions!

Right now I put my money on the BC Lions. This is a team that is loose, focused, pumped and ready for Edmonton.

Took in the Lions training today and part of yesterday and if the overall picture of training tells a story it is that BC is on their game.

Right now you have to say that Dave Dickenson is really on his game and clicking well with the receiving corps which won't miss Tony Simmons as Jerel Myers is more than an adequate replacement and we all know Brett Anderson can still play.

Looking at the team in training, these guys are ready to play and could play Edmonton tonight if they had to.

I'd still put my money on BC if our third QB, Buck Pierce had to go for 60!!! This is a well oiled machine on both O and D!

Madamme Cleo says
B.C. Lions 48
Edm. Esks. 33

HAHAHA.... she predicts CFL games now too?... at least she picked the right team :smiley: :lol:

My god I am so sick of watching the Eskimos play like they don't give a shit if they win or not.