August 5 start, 14 game season, Dec 12 Grey Cup

Just open at 50%. Have separate sections for the fully vaccinated with no capacity limitation. Stadiums are all outdoor if BC Place keeps the roof open. Research indicates very little risk outdoors. Wear a mask when using restroom or concessions.
Texas Rangers MLB opener was full house. No reports of unusual numbers from that event. Its time to just play football !!

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Interesting, considering the players have been provided a report date.

That means reseating everyone

Like Texas was going to report it?

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The Americans were (and still are) way ahead of us with their vaccination program when the Rangers Jays game was played but you're right, Arlington was averaging about 220 new cases per day prior to that game and averaged 220 cases over the subsequent 14 days. So it had no effect at all on the number of infections.

There were 52k at Churchill Downs in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby yesterday. It will be interesting to see how Kentucky fares in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully it provides more evidence that large crowds, outdoors, can be done safely.

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Our friends popped over for an outside, distanced visit, and we are all first shot vaccinated.

Anyway, her sister lives in Paris, Texas, and she and her family were Covid down-players, if not deniers. Then their son, daughter and two grandchildren got it. Now they are fully vaccinated, wear masks, and avoid large indoor gatherings, including church services. Still gather with close family, but now acknowledge Covid can be a threat.

Some people do change?

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Latest from Dave Naylor

When will the CFL return to action? - Video - TSN

Some progress made. From there it goes to each municipality, then to the federal level. For fans in the stands....ask as late as possible.


"All 6 provinces have now either verbally or in writing have approved the league's protocol (health & safety return to play). Including the province of Ontario. " - @TSNDaveNaylor #CFL

And just like that, BC says differently

I guess Naylor doesn't follow up on current events

Or BC is one of the verbal ones

Does Bonnie Henry shrugging her shoulders considered a verbal communique?

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Not good news if she is making the decisions.
She says:

“There will not be big events where there’s lots of crowds of people this summer,” Dr. Henry said May 3.

“There is not likely to be big events — of any sort — even outdoors through this summer, and into the fall, and winter of next year.”

The Vancouver Canucks fiasco in April probably did very little to build her confidence around pro sports teams playing in BC, let alone with fans.

The question that should be asked is why the vaccine rollout is so slow in BC? They only had 94k fully vaccinated when I checked on Wed. Last week.

I suspect the goal posts moved

Both BC and AB have really clamped down from where they were a few weeks ago

Heck the crazy anti-maskers had a rally and parade just a while back, noone was arrested until they crossed the MB-ON border in their cross country road trip (BC to PQ)

I don't think the anti-masker are crazy, they are just frustrated that after one year we are in the same position. Lock downs, people laid off, lost jobs. They see that masks were eliminated in places like Texas and after 30 days their covid rate dropped 58%, same with Florida. The CDC states that masks don't have to be worn outside.
Enough is enough, I would love to join them.


You aren't from ON based on username
This is in relation to a pair of very well known and quite crazy anti-maskers who have gained alot of followers (mainly because as you point out most people are sick of this lockdown nonsense)

Google Chris Sky and check out what he has been up to in past year
Results speak for themselves

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…don’t tell that to nenshi, if you’re an anti masker, then by default you’re also a white supremacist…when asked today if he really meant that he doubled down and said that he erred by using the term ‘thinly-veiled’ and clarified that if you’re anti mask then you are definitely a white supremacist….

…I can’t wait for this man to leave office here…


The bottom of the barrel in political arguments.

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Second province to say return to play has not been approved. Specifically mentioned verbally

BC being the other. Looking like one of those 'back up to the back up' plans will need to be dusted off

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It sounds kind of insane considering they DID approve the NHL and Olympics

But then again we know ON is liars (they stated they would finally allow Wonderland to open and then oops)

Be interesting to see what happens in Quebec next weekend


This is cue for the CFL office to go ahead and provide an update next week instead of waiting for that ambiguous time in mid-June for an update.

Taking a page from the NHL in 2020 though not going to be a bubble situation, and I don't doubt they have the backup plan near final draft, maybe they can share sooner which venues are candidates for use outside of BC or Ontario.