August 5 start, 14 game season, Dec 12 Grey Cup

Oh, virtue signalling in all likelihood.

Some will criticize the politicians for showing up, and they'd probably criticize them if they didn't show up.

The police came out rather quickly saying it was a targeted attack because of their Islamic faith and was a "planned, premeditated act, motivated by hate."

For the police to say that so quickly after arresting the perp leads me to conclude that he must have told them a fair bit when arrested (as in, he sure didn't remain silent).

What we don't know, yet, is the precise motive for his hate. It could be some form of white supremacy, or it could be religion, or it could be a bit of both.

The same Star article indicates he was a "devout" Christian and was home-schooled until he was 16, so that may provide a link to religion, his perhaps hating these people for praying to the wrong god.

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Are you questioning their political motives for taking advantage of a situation???

This is not really a Trudope scenario so much as a political general scenario

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Government reviewing CFL's request for modified quarantine for 2021 season -

CFL looking for the same exemption Canadian NHL teams got for the trade deadline. A 7 day quarantine with daily testing and they can still practice with their team.

A couple of other significant items

Another positive step is the ratification of an amended collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and CFL Players’ Association. Three sources told The Canadian Press the two sides have reached an agreement in principle on an amended deal, which would again pave the way for football to return in 2021.

This is very quiet, I wonder if both sides agreed not say anything until the vote on Monday

Speaking of which

The board doesn’t require unanimous support to accept the Aug. 5 start but seven of nine teams would have to vote in favour as the CFL constitution requires over two-thirds majority. However, it’s unknown if the constitution could force teams to play and incur significant financial losses simply because a majority wants to go ahead with a season.

That's interesting. Last year it was reported that there were 3 no votes IIRC. Did the constitution change?

If it passes and I see no reason why it wouldn't pass.....All 9 teams will be playing. I guess we'll know more in about 96 hours.


What will be interesting once teams hit training camp is the percentage of vaccinated players on each team. And how that will affect protocols in regards to meetings, practices, etc. - mask wearing, distancing.

It will not be 100%. And will a vaccinated player have an edge on a non-vaxxer when it comes to position battles?

And now NHL is totally exempt...Players will have no quarantine for the final 2 rounds of the playoffs

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That would have been 2/3

Not sure about adding two teams to the playoffs . Having 8 out of 9 in the playoffs is not where I would want the story of this season to play out .

Would rather see they do a total points series or best of three to get more games in if required for more revenue .

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After reading the article he worked well with a Muslim man at the Egg Factory . He reported no discriminatory out of place activity .

When I studied this type of behaviour sociology and psychology years ago I found it was not uncommon even in remote places for people to go berserk as long as time has been recorded . No TV no literature no internet to cause it .

A perceived enemy or target is so compelling and evil it's not rational as human motivation like we would think it is .

From tumours in the brain . infections or just a mental illness we cannot explain these one of kind work alone killers out of the blue .

The lone man who shot up the concert at Mandalay Bay is a mystery .

The lone crazed man in NS just last year was also a mystery as to why .

If carnage like this is avoidable it's a mystery to our best medical scientists . I do agree when I see politicians who would like to tie a bow on it and call it this or that for some political motivation to rationalize such an evil act it portrays the act into a rational human idea which it is not . There is no A equals B nice , neat and tidy .

Some evil acts are overtly disturbing without the feeling someone thinks they can fix it with filing it under excuse A or B for it's rationale . IMO .

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Yeah that is too many in. Unless this is part of a plan C where they can't start on Aug. 5. Start the season early September for about 10 games so all but one team would have 'game 11'.

There would be no incentive to finish first in the division... maybe they do a single table for a shorter season

Yes agree must be a back up Plan C .

If they do it then just have the last seed work it's way up the ladder ; Like they do now only with first place team getting now two weeks off before the division finals instead of one.


I think they are leaning to a play in option (similar to what NHL did last year) as it is very unlikely they will play a full season so many CFL teams are not likely to meet in regular season

Not sure why this is part of the the Aug 5th conversation, but I'll bite.

Declarations before investigations are becoming pretty normal these days.
Apparently the guy has some mental issues and anger issues. not good combo. Probably why he was homeschooled.

Horrible tragedy.
Media and social media ripped O'Toole for going.

Let's all hope everyone is on board Monday to get things rolling....It's looking that way however the way things are lately and the volatility just never know....The late Cup in Dec. is different....Good thing it's not on the prairies or there will definitely be a good chance of snow....Thinking about that scenario, hmmmmm. that brings back memories of the good ol days and that type of weather just made it better at playoff time...I know some will say ....'not my cup of tea' but the way things have gone for the fans and players of this league through covid, I'm sure the consensus will be 'any football will be great football'....So bring it on CFL


From Jeff Hamilton:

To provide a better picture of the situation heading into Monday's meeting, let's break into two groups: why you should be optimistic and why you shouldn't. There are issues that have been smoothed over, paving the way for a season to start in late summer, and there are others that are still being figured out as the clock ticks down.

As a bit of a spoiler, I believe we'll get an approval on Monday, with the worst-case scenario being another delayed start. Simply put, I can't picture a situation where CFL football isn't played in 2021, which is a much different attitude compared to how I felt at this time last year.

Why you should be optimistic

One of the big reasons why I wasn't confident in a 2020 season getting off the ground, even as some were running around to bring a bubble campaign to Winnipeg in the fall, was due to the lack of communication between the league and its players. That doesn't appear to be the case this time around, with teams already starting to do online fitness updates and hold virtual information meetings.

Those meetings have been mostly centred around vaccinations, including the importance of getting them and where to get them, while answering any questions about the effects they might have on the season. While not all players are currently on board — a trend that exists in all pro sports leagues — there has been significant progress in this area

In Winnipeg, the likes of quarterback Zach Collaros, defensive end Willie Jefferson and running back Andrew Harris, among others, have received their first dose and are awaiting a second needle before the start of camp. High vaccination numbers can and will drastically alter how a team does business, so it’s clear that while teams can’t force a player to get vaccinated, they do have a preference.

Another positive sign is the news that broke Thursday that the CFL Players' Association has agreed to ratify 19 amendments to the current CBA, which expires at the end of 2021. That leaves just a final vote from the CFL's board of governors, which is also expected to approve the amendments during Monday’s meeting.

Some of the amendments create a certain level of flexibility, including the addition of two more playoff teams at the discretion of the league. But that’s likely only to be used in the event there's a massively shortened season and a need to keep teams in the mix all year long by expanding the current playoff format of six teams to eight. A similar plan was in place had the CFL gone forward with a six-game season in 2020.

In the amendments, there was also confirmation there will be no pre-season games.

Another reason to be optimistic is the CFL has already finished a schedule that takes the country's COVID-19 numbers and the various current provincial health regulations into consideration – along with a willingness to adjust to changing circumstances. With some provinces, particularly those out east, still trying to work out plans to have a significant amount of butts in seats, there are teams out west eager to play host.

With Saskatchewan and Alberta both trending in a direction that will see most, if not all, fans back by the end of summer, and with Manitoba and B.C. also working to get sizeable crowds by August, there's a good chance the season begins with games played in the western parts of the country. That's been the plan for some time now and could include teams from out east playing a "home" game out west.

Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba's chief medical officer, said earlier this week that as part of the province's re-opening plan he hoped to have services and facilities open at a rate of 50 per cent by August long weekend and under "limited restrictions" by the first weekend of September. Those marks are based on high vaccination rates of first and second doses but would apply to fans at IG Field.

The Bombers are also considering permitting only fans who are fully vaccinated to attend games, which would likely mean allowing a full crowd. But nothing has been decided at this point.

Lastly, despite all teams understanding they'll likely lose money again this year, the season doesn't hinge on any federal money coming in. Some teams, including the Bombers, have been thrown a lifeline by provincial governments and others (read: privately-owned teams) are better positioned to wade through the financial hit. The CFL claimed not being able to secure a $30-million interest-free loan from the federal government was a significant reason for not playing in 2020.

Why you (maybe) shouldn't be optimistic

First off, what you hear publicly isn't always what's being said behind closed doors. It's no secret Toronto, Montreal and B.C. were all weary of playing in 2020 and voiced that to the league. Can't say I blame them, as the financial losses that would have been accrued had the CFL played last year would have taken even longer to recoup than the money that was bled with no season.

The question now is how much of that attitude still exists, and if there are any other teams that are looking at the balance sheets and wondering whether it might just be prudent to wait until 2022. I don't think that's the case, but with the vote not having to be unanimous to pass, it would be interesting to know which team voted which way.

The other thing is the CFL has been working off handshake deals with the provincial governments, which are far too busy to give clear answers about questions such as fans attending games. While no provincial health bodies having signed off on their respective team's return-to-play protocols, at least not formally, it does leave the window open, if only a crack, that what they're promising now won't be what they're promising later.

The other issue with provincial governments not giving the plans an official check mark is that those approvals are required before the federal government signs off. The Public Health Agency of Canada has also not approved travel for CFL players crossing over the border from the U.S., though that too, is said to be heading in a positive direction and will eventually be approved.

Then there's the fear of enduring a fourth wave of COVID-19. That may not play as big an issue as one might think, so long as vaccination rates are high. It's why the CFL has been pushing so hard to get fans and players vaccinated — it's truly the best way to solving most of the league’s pressing issues and getting back onto the field.

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There will be a shortened -14 games- CFL season and it will start, as previously announced, on August 5,2021. No doubts in my mind,



Was just thinking :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Hopefully with the impending starting date of August 5th being announced Monday.
Both the Lions and TiCats have no house radio stations
as both 1040 and 1150 radio were unceremoniously dumped by TSN
That also means no pre game or post game shows

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If you don't have TSN TV then the other option is to listen on Sirius satellite.
Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are the only cities with TSN radio.
I would assume that the others have their local radio stations with contracts from TSN. TSN owns all CFL broadcast rights.
Are there other stations in Hamilton and Vancouver negotiating with TSN?


There is a sports bar near my house call Shanks where you can run into Stephen Harper quite often watching stampeder away games. The wait staff says he is there quite often watching games. Always has a table of RCMP in suites watching everyones moves.