August 5 start, 14 game season, Dec 12 Grey Cup

Watching a breaking news report on CBC right now. More to come.

We just posted that in another thread

Also in an email from the CFL, and from the Ti-Cats to STHs including options for refunds, actually more credits than refunds. Apparently also something on their website, but haven’t checked that out as yet.

Commish points out that there is still some uncertainty due to course Covid may take us.

Maybe they just should give out a whole lot of food and bonus free beer when fans can attend the games, which I reckon is better if moving everything to perhaps a safer AB, SK, and MB if that would be the case as the areas around the other venues languish in the pandemic?

Manitoba is tightening up, Alberta is supporting Ontario, but still going with voluntary compliance, so only Saskatchewan is left. Other provinces, BC, and Nova Scotia locking down, and four Atlantic provinces still in and out of restrictive bubble. Don’t put all your faith in the posters still working their anti-Ford, anti-Ontario schtick.

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If we go by today's numbers, Alberta would have the highest number of cases in Canada - 1,345 with a population of 4 Million, Quebec with 1,136 cases with 8 million population, Ontario 3,426 with 14 Million population.
Much fewer cases in Sask and Manitoba so the premiers there could easily open up.

But by August? who knows. If it's no fans in the stands it doesn't matter

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Wise move by the Board of Governors to delay the start of the 2021 season to August 5,2021 and to reduce the season by 4 games.

Unless there are unforeseen problems with vaccinations, by August 5, 2021 already 50% of Canadians that wanted to will have been vaccinated; I also foresee that by that date between 70% and 75% of Canadians that wanted to will have received both doses. For these reasons the start of the season, on August 5,2021, should not be compromised.

The 14 games regular season will last 16 weeks, ending November 20,2021; playoffs will begin on Sunday, November 28,2021 and the Grey Cup on Sunday, December 12,2021. I expect that training camps will begin in mid-July 2021 and there will not be pre-season games.


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COVID-19 infections in Ontario shoot back up past 4,200, ICU admissions near 800

COVID-19 infections in Ontario shot back up past 4,200 Wednesday as the number of patients in an intensive care unit (ICU) with the disease nears 800.

Richard, well-summarized and like all here I hope we can roll forward in August at long last.

And thankfully more than ever are getting vaccinated and also safely doing so.

But here's what I am fearing already in seeing that the vaccines are not the central issue any more. And no it's not all the political differences or whatever debates are raging in society.

The spread of the more contagious variants are documented well at hand, with documentation varying and more evident from what is at hand via the CDC in the United States, and inconclusive data on how and if the vaccines themselves will mitigate the spread of these more contagious variants and in particular the UK and both the California variants that apparently few have heard of at all.

And so we have looming the uncomfortable reality that even with most vaccinated, the virus can and will spread more contagiously via these variants.

It's early in this cycle and data are being amassed now since 27 March the last update as posted in another thread via the CDC, and evidence indicates some cross-border contagion via the UK variant between Canada and especially the states of MN, MI and FL, but if this start is compromised even with vaccines as you note otherwise will have been administered for a high majority, such is in my view likely to be a root cause of such a delay.

By June, Quebec will be getting 550,000 Pfizer vaccine doses weekly, feds say

The federal government has updated its distribution timeline for Pfizer-BioNTech, the most widely used vaccine being used in Canada.

By June, the number of doses of that vaccine delivered weekly will more than double to 2.4 million.

In Quebec, May deliveries are expected to include about 460,000 doses weekly.

In June, the number is projected to jump to just under 550,000 doses per week in Quebec.

As of yesterday, Quebec has administered 2.5 million of the three million doses it has received from various suppliers.

As of April 10, Canada had administered almost 5.4 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech. The second most used vaccine was Moderna, at just under 1.2 million doses.


Funny, The last time the Grey Cup was played in December,
It was in 1972 in Hamilton
HAM beat SSK 13 - 10


Well for fun and for the great of the game and because we are still in the waiting game, who here remembers seeing that game? @FootbalYouBet

Wax on nostalgically if you will do so as well please.

It is another trial balloon
Ambroise seems to have a better hang on this politics thing than Ford does

Despite the "official" announcement they have (once again) sent out press releases without actually committing to anything

There is a kill date in release (June) and that they are still mulling over what will happen if stadiums are not allowed to open at full capacity (which I very strongly doubt will happen)

Heck Ambroise has not even admitted what percentage capacity he is even shooting for; is it 25%? 30%? 50%?
Noone knows outside the board room (and by now they must know what amount they require to proceed)

Nowhere near enough transparency nothing more than smoke & mirrors once again


@kav2001c think you nailed it.

And let's note a glaring omission - ANY mention of the XFL or Redbird capital in this release.

Does that make you more confident of a deal at work after all these months now?

Again, in the meantime, at the XFL-CFL meetings, I guess maybe they'll continue to go like this as noted yesterday for this prolonged period of malaise. We can hope the food is good or better too.

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Lelacheur says Lions will be comfortable with 4-5K per game

BC Lions president says team would be comfortable with 4,000-5,000 fans per game -


Who remembers that game😳??? Chuck Ealey, the rookie QB, defeating Ron Lancaster the wily legend? Ian Sunter (also a rookie???) kicking the walk off winning field goal? Al Brenner’s interception leading to Dave Fleming’s controversial TD catch? Tony Gabriel going from no catches to something like three in the final drive? Bob Krause blocking punts? Could not attend in person (newly married, no money, family starting) but glued to the TV for that one. Memorable because of Ealey and Sunter, for sure.


That was the first year I, my brother and two cousins had season tickets for the Cats. A Christmas gift from my aunts who had their own season tickets. Their seats in Section 7 in the at the time new north stands. Originally end zone seats in the east end for us but after about 8 years seats directly behind my aunts seats became available so for several years those were my seats.

For the 1972 Grey Cup we ended up in the west end for some reason. That Ian Sunter walkoff field goal right up there with the 1993 Joe Carter walkoff home run as greatest in person sporting moments for me.

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Hopefully I may be able to witness a Grey Cup in December for the first time in my lifetime.

May test an appetite for future Grey Cups in December.

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Looking forward to it myself . Hope to see more traditional time games .

I hate Friday night games or Saturday night games past September watching live .

They should end Friday nights and Saturday nights after Thanksgiving weekend and go to warmer weather times for getting fans in the stands in the afternoon as well .