August 22, 2013 Thank You Alouettes

Thank you Alouettes! Great heart - great game and best of all you keep BC in line behind us! :smiley: Now all we have to do is beat Edmonton and there will be a nice little cushion between the Western teams.

Hopefully Toronto can also send a little gift. The important part is beating the Eskimos though.

:thup: phase one in this weeks three phase mission complete

Alouettes D is playing well, not giving our guys a pat but it looks like we did not play against them all that bad, they may become a wild card in the east before this season ends!! JMO

Agreed! Phase 2 Tomorrow Night... :thup:

Montreal Front 7 had Lulay scrambling quite a bit tonight... BC had a lot of 2nd and longs to convert. I think Lulay ended up 16 of 26 tonight with 1 INT. Last week against Montreal, DD was 18 of 32 last week with 0 INT
So maybe DD did have a bad a game last week compared to the previous 6 games.... but Rider fans also have to realize that Montreal Front 7 is pretty darn good. And unlike BC tonight, we actually escaped our game against the Alouettes with a WIN.

I agree with Grubber's comments in the Edmonton subject.... If we can clean up the Fumbles and Penalties that have been happening in the last 2 games, we will win in Edmonton.

Go Riders!

We still need TO to bring their A game tonight and beat the Stamps.