August 18th STAMP's Game - Post-Game "Reunion"


a bunch of us from Section Y, H1 & K1, are meeting at this place after the game:

Coasters Grill & Bar...3575 Du Parc local4110 (corner Prince-Arthur)

Once game is over, we usually wait for players near the south entry steps, (hope to see Copeland, even if he's an "enemy" now :wink: ), and then move on that place.

I'll be happy to meet ya all...I'll have a "damaged" Cahoon's shirt :wink:

.........geez, and I'm bach'ing it while the missus and kids are in the BC interior........think I could fly to Montreal for the game on thursday night and get back here in time to drive to penticton?.........can you even buy tickets to the game?........

RedandWhite, are you telling me you are not even willing to travel a mere 3000 kilometers to see your boys in Molson Percival? Pfff... and you call yourself a fan?

XGamer, I won't be able to make it after the game. It would be easier for me to join you and your friends prior to the game. Do you meet anywhere? BTW, I'm easy to spot. I'm one of the only two guys with a Stewart #9 jersey, and I am not Anwar Stewart, so...

.......not enough time to do aeroplan or airmiles.......with gas the way it is there's no way the F150 is even leaving the city limits for an unplanned trip..........guess I better start pedalling........hey 3/10, if I couriered myself in a refrigerator crate do you have a handcart you could wheel me out of the puralator depot?.........

I'm leaving work in Ottawa at 3pm should be in Montreal around 6pm corner st-catherine & university, me & my buddies pre-game ritual consist of a McDonalds meals, then take the shuttle 45 min before game begins ..then sit in section Y....

But, as for the home games on Saturday or Sunday our "pre-game ritual" changes....i'll let you know.

R&W..just satnd in the box & scream like hell once you're in the back of the truck, this will scare the "poo" of the drivers....they might drop you off & open the crate right then & now :wink:

Stay in that refrigerator box! I'll phone the Alouettes head office and tell them "The Fridge" would like to come to the game. They'll most probably get me tickets in a lodge for you, thinking William Perry is in town.

Good thing you are not going Canada Post! ha ha ha ha. Or even worse UPS ( Ultra Poor Service or Use Puralator Stupid) anyway R&W go for it! Good way to the see the country ha ha ha

Hey what's wrong with Canada Post!
I just started a new career as a mailman 2 months ago!
I'll pick up the Fridge at the Post Office. Just make sure you get sent to the West Island!

Ah maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan....

I can't go...pregnant wife, insecurty, blablabla...

I'll sure be there on September 2nd.

If you still want to go, say Hi to Phil, he's the crazy guy with the 88 Stala shirt. with a pregnant wife, me 3000 kms away........we're there in spirit friend.......

Most of you won't believe me but after the Ottawa game last week,

Dave Stala & a friend (Manny) joined us at Coaster's, we shared a couple of drinks, meals, laughs & it was all great.

It was just great to see a player off the field & having casual talk with fans.

I don't know if another player will be there after the Winnipeg game, but we'll try.