8) CHML just reporting that the Cats will play the Aug. 16 game at Mac !!
 They will try and have enough of the stadium done to be able to host the Labour Day game, at THF, officials say

Oy vey... What a mess. :cry:

August 1 Stadium Update
Earlier today, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats received the following statement from the City of Hamilton regarding construction progress at Tim Hortons Field:
“After a meeting yesterday that was attended by all parties relevant to the construction of Tim Hortons Field, and with further detail provided today, the building consortium of ONSS has presented a plan to have the stadium ready for the Labour Day Classic. We have seen very significant progress in the last month and look forward to continuing to work with ONSS to ensure the opening of Tim Hortons Field for that important event. After playing their August 16th game at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium, we will work with the Tiger-Cats and all parties to transition the City of Hamilton and the team into the stadium.?
Tiger-Cats President and Chief Operating Officer Glenn Gibson remarked, “We were very pleased to hear ONSS has a plan in place that will see Tim Hortons Field open for the Labour Day Classic. Kicking off the first game at our brand-new, world-class stadium on Labour Day will truly be a memorable day in Hamilton sports history.?
Fans that have previously purchased tickets to the August 16 game will be issued a credit or refund for the full value of each game. Season seat holders will be provided with ticket details later this afternoon.

Ive spoke to SEVERAL workers that work there and they all said the same, no way it will be ready for Labour Day, If it is it won't be all done, I don't want to go to a stadium when its 90% done, we paid for 100% and I expect this to be 100% before it opens.

It's not all about you, Bruce. If the Ticats lose the Labour Day game, the cost to Bob Young will far exceed the $1M he MIGHT get as a penalty. Let's cut Mr. Young a break and support then team even if they play in an incomplete stadium.

With all due respect to what Mr Young has done for this franchise, I don't think the fans should be "cutting him a break".
Recognizing that it isn't his (nor the team's fault) that the stadium is not finished, he has a contract for $1M for each game, we don't.
I agree, at this point id rather wait for a 99% stadium than a labour day game in a construction zone. Week 1 was one thing, Labour Day is another.

This is NOT about Bob Young, its about the fans getting screwed, not by Bob Young! I never said it was about Mr. Young, and it not all about me either, its about the fans that pay and don't get what they paid for period!

Let's hope the stadium is at least patron ready for the Labor Day Classic as it would be a travesty to have to cancel the biggest game of the year and we'd love nothing more than to attend this iconic game at the newly crowned THF.

The fact that onsite workers have stated to CHCH reporters that the stadium is unlikely to be ready for LD is certainly disconcerting though... :frowning:

Again, if either of you have to go to an incomplete stadium, your feelings will be hurt or you will give away your ticket(s). If the Ticats don't have a Labour Day stadium, Bob Young could be out $1,000,000 - I'm sure the Labour Day game would bring in up to $2,000,000 in revenue. Your feelings being hurt is the lesser of the two evils.

Amen, brother.


All I can say here is "uh huh, sure. And you guys had a plan to have it ready for mid-August too." Where did we get these ONSS jokers?

Not blaming the Cats. Not blaming the government. However, no matter what way you look at it, we are officially well into debacle territory.

Brutal situation for the team and season ticket holders/fans.
Heads should be rolling do to this...

I would not believe 1 worker on site unless they are willing to put there names forth take what they say as rumours people like to stir the pot

  1. This is hilarious coming from an anonymous poster on an internet forum.
  2. Any worker who publicly went on record with comments like that would be fired, sadly. They're not stupid.
  3. If you don't believe what this worker says, how do you trust him to help, oh, I don't know, build the stadium for your team?

I really wish they didn't take the seats down at Alumni stadium.. I would have enjoyed another year in Guelph!!


Yes. There is no upside to spreading rumours. I am shocked they weren’t told to keep their mouth’s shut while on the sight.

First world problems eh? Poor you. How do you survive in this harsh world?

Didn't know they allowed 10 year olds to post here hmm