Augmented broadcasts lead the way in new CFL, TSN and Genius Sports offerings

Yes CFL+ is much better than in the first year and still better than ESPN and paying for cable tiers and its general unreliability as well.

It sounds like you need to fix your TV to work better with CFL+ for streaming in general for everything else here in 2024.

But hey at least you don’t have to pay for a stupid DVR through your cable company.

I’m here in Philadelphia and perfectly happy with CFL+ versus paying Comcast and relying on crappy ESPN to put the games on the right channels instead of shifting games to “premium” tiers and that crap, for in the past they would also cut off coverage and sometimes not air games live too in that crappy deal the CFL did with ESPN.

CBS has been by far a more professional organization with which the CFL can work and be paid for the rights far more as well. Screw ESPN.

Here’s another thread where we post updates on CFL on TV in the US and on CFL+.

But it’s up to you to fix your TV to set it up for live streams, and also note that replays are often available on YouTube also for FREE.