I wasn't able to attend the preseason home game due to personal obligations, and I am curious about Auggie because the rap on this guy last year was that he couldn't stop the run. I always felt that this was because his system was to vanilla and soft-zone oriented. Was he playing more aggressively (5 tackles suggest yes) in his preseason debut? Or do I have the same ol' to look forward to?

Help me out posters.

I didn't notice him making any tackles. So the fact that he didn't stand out in any way tells me that we should expect the same old from Auggie.

He still can't stop the run. I watched him closely during the home exhibition game and the same problem lingers - way too slow to read plays.

Stats (5 tackles) are deceiving - if he makes 5 tackles, but they're after a guy has scampered for 7 or 8 yds. up the gut, that ain't good.

This guy lost his starting job last year for a reason.

He may have been injured last year. I'm hoping he can show us something this year.

He doesn't seem to have the killer instinct we need at his position and at times, he is slow to react.

Prove me wrong, Auggie!