Aug. 5th in Winnipeg

Not too sure where to start after last nights game as a few concerns were significantly exploited as far as the D is concerned. We've seen the likes of 2 RB's that come to mind; Sask. Wes Cates/Charles and Cal. Joffery Reynolds/Cornish; Eskies D did well for the most part on contain for these two as they like to run and find holes up the middle or slightly to right/left of centre. With Peach and Davis out stopping the run is of great concern and here is what I saw; Argo's RB Kackert is a different style of running back who had a superb game last night with success going to the out side (right or left) and is quick on changing direction which leads to miss tackles. Peach is one player missed but without Davis, this clearly is a concern. Reports are out that Rod won't be ready until the Montreal game, going into Bomber Nation; (RB Fred Reid) more will be revealed and/or atleast find out where the Eskies really stand. Anyone else with interesting thoughts/comments?

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Eskies release Whitlock; I find this a little shocking, however I did say somewhere in another thread that Porter would win the job in TC......but I didn't anticipate on Arkee getting a hamstring problem during camp.

Something must be really wrong with Whitlock for us not to trade him to any one of the teams in serious need at the position.

There is one team I won't mention that seems to be sold on their guy who is not good any more, so I won't trouble them as that's fine with me because he is not good now and all the better for us. :lol:

Anyway what a shame here. When I saw Whitlock in my first season following the team in 2009 he was my favourite player. :frowning:

He wouldn’t happen to wear a red jersey with a white horse on the side of his helmet would he?

No Oiler not that guy who still has some, though in my opinion a good amount less, gas in his tank. It's one of the other two I've mentioned and their stats and overall play show they are no longer starting material and merit a demotion.

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I guess someone had to go with the recent signings of Import D-Lineman of late. DL Marcus Howard signed yesterday has decent speed and good upper body strength. One thing I've noticed is the Esks don't sit back with what they have, if there's a body that may improve the football team; Go for it. :thup:

This is a game I went back and forth on picking after Buck Pierce got hurt last week.

In the end I followed my standard practice of never making a pick or bet if I have to think about it more than a minute or so.

The line activity certainly indicates a lot of uncertainty as well.

Roster moves for Esk's; along with Sewell released yesterday - todays releases are Imports DE - Henderson and WR - Pierre. Joe Sykes DE is ready to return and may see action in Winnipeg ahead of new guy Howard who still needs much needed practice to get up to speed. Davis I feel may/will be ready to play in Montreal, but we'll wait and see how that goes. Eskies shoot for their 6th straight win; The last team to make this big of a turn around was the 1965 Winnipeg Blue Bombers with an 11-5 record along with an appearance in the Championship game to face the "Mighty" Hamilton Tiger Cats. Winnipeg finished with a 1-14-1 record in 1964. I wonder though if someone has any info scoop for that turn of events back then. However on that note: Lets Go Eskies - Lets Go. :rockin:

with a good record like they have, im suprised they are messing with the roster right now. you would think if its not broken dont fix.

Well you could be right canadianhothead, however as the games move it will get tougher for Edmonton. Calgary will be on a different front come playoff time and thus for some reason the West Final I feel will be at McMahon. As you can see these changes are happening on defense; Stubler's D is more complex on the way he wants to run it and it must be tough on the players who are still trying to find this piece of the puzzle so to speak. The more they practice in preparation for game day the key ("Gel") will be found to open the door I say. It would be nice if there was a camara option on T.V. to watch teams given D (secondary) on how they defend as the play developes, thus we could get to see the game in a different light.

…hey backer …i know i’m getting old but i just noticed on your handle that you’re from Campbell River…small world …My daughter lives right across from you on Quadra Island…Beautiful spot …especially for retired Winnipeggers…I might just move there one day myself if i can ever convince my wife :wink:…Oh and good luck on Fri…

…I agree with the camera option…Sometimes the guys working the broadcasts get a little tunnel vision :wink:, I did some serious partying and salmon fishing on/around Quadra back in the early 80s, parents of a friend of mine had a cabin there...

.....great spot for salmon alright Red.....My daughter married a Quadra Island born and bred fella...Nice family and living in one of the best parts of the world...Can't beat that....The loggging business in which my son-in-law was working has really dropped off the last few years....but luckily they have the fishing....I'm gonna be heading up there this week-end to see my grandson...Always a nice place to visit :wink:

I think the Esks are real lucky to have won the last 2 games. I'm more than happy that this many new faces have become a good team so quickly but I believe improvement will be needed to contend later this season. The coach's have done a remarkable job with this group, I really hope their faith in Messam is warranted.

I think the new additions have more to do with replacing injured players than messing with the roster.

I think if the Eskimos can score 20 or more points, Edmonton will win.

Winnipeg's Defence is really strong so It won't be so easy to score 20 points especially if the O-Line plays as poorly as they did against Toronto. It will take some good play calling and coaching adjustments during the game but I believe we will take this game too.

Fred Stamps out 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

The injuries are starting to pile up.

Oy. I was just looking over the stats. Two things stood out. 1. Ray had five turnovers. :expressionless: 2. We gave up over 160 yards on the ground. That's two consecutive weeks where we've given up far too many yards on the ground. :roll:

Aren't you guys missing two starting linebackers due to injury? Hard to stop the run when your starters are absent.