Aug 2nd @ Esks


  • Marshall (I know they were iffy on if he would play or not. Pulling him off the 6 with only 1 game left seems to indicate good cap shape, especially as Zach got pulled as well)
  • Collaros
  • Francis (will be nice to have him back on ST)
  • Awachie (guessing he sits)
  • JSJ (finally)


  • Messam (yeah)
  • Doughlin (onto the 6)
  • Henry
  • Gardner (c'mon JSJ)
  • Holley. IMO he may be at risk. I think one of he or Evans had to sit with Carter flipping to O, and both of them have had a case of poor routes and/or drops the past couple of weeks.

Collaros listed as started , for what it is worth.
Marshall at corner, Carter at SB and leaving Evans outside.

Well it'll be like watching a 'new team'.
I would hope to see a more diverse, unpredictable offense this game!!!!!!!!!!
Go Riders Go

There are actually a few new sets that Macadoo has been building on for a few games that I find rather interesting. They also tucked some stuff away from early in the season that we will see again some time. Also...having JSJ allows for some whole new formation looks with TEs 0

Yes I'm thinking we'll see a very different looking Rider Team; as will the Esks,,
Could prove to be a very exciting win on the road.
IF ZC can stay for the full game and not get side-swiped. :-X

Found a depth chart in the link above.

They are also listed here:

Yes, I understand that but it isn't up/or posted as yet. Why I wonder?

Weird.. .I pulled it up yesterday.

Other than now having no Messam or MonCrief...nice looking roster. Even that said...SAM was not a concern last week

Secondary needs to step up in this one huge. Will be the best group they likely face all year

JSJ sitting. Sigh

Well that was sad…on so many levels ?. Let another one slip away.

Brutal. It was a high quality game by both teams. In my opinion, there should have been an 9 point swing in that game. Seven (got 2 back with the safety) were taken off the board by a questionable overturn, and four were added for Edmonton in the first quarter when their back's forward motion is clearly stopped at the five but he's given the two or three yard line and a first down.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Hopefully they can start winning again.

The morning after:
After sleeping on it, it was a pretty good game. O definitely had a more positive feel with ZC in despite some of the play calls (although some executed better), D was stellar again, despite a couple brain pharts.

Online still a little porous, too many inopportune penalties, amateur officiating (can’t control that). Oh yeah, and the roster card screwup ?

Agreed last nights game was pretty good. The offense was definitely looking better and ZC played well (given). I do think ZC needs to stop "telegraphing" his throw direction so much.
So there's definite improvement but not enough to beat a Western Division Foe.
And after the "By week" it doesn't get easier.
Long way to go boys :-\

I thought it was a great game.

Reilly is so impressive. He had heat on him all night...took as many sacks in 1 game as all season. Riders eventually had to spy him because he was simply fine with it...didnt phase him. Honestly...Zach was cool with pressure to. Took it in stride and never panicked.

Sewell was a beast for them in short yardage. He is a game changer there and dictates the O has to go right. Huge. Put a fricken fullback and a TE though and drive 250lb at the line. snap it.

I know lots won't like the O...i did. I don't mind underneath stuff as long as they go deep some to keep the d honest. When they started that things opened up. That is encouraging moving forward IMO

Shot themselves in the foot some.....but honestly...imo this was a situation where the better team simply didn't win. It happens.

I don't want to harp on refs. They are human. It goes both ways. However.. that spot on the first drive was unacceptable. Eye in the sky 100% needs to catch that

I agree to a certain extent. May be they miss a holding call or choose not to throw the flag on a close pi. However there was a 9 point swing in that game because of questionable officiating... 4 on Edmontons first drive and 5 on the called back td on the very questionable camera angle from the end zone on the qb sneak.

Not sure it's good for the league to have the outcome of the game, especially a divisional game, decided by blatant missed calls

I agreed with the td being reversed. I felt he looked well short...

There were a few things in this one a superflex and a throst slash and a fee spots and some pushoffs and bad holds not called

The worst team on the field was the officials...and I mean both ways. They had a poor night

The Good

  • Our Offense looks 100x better under Zach Collaros. He showed, against a very good defense, that he can stand in the pocket, go through his reads, and make throws all while under pressure. He was able to extend a couple plays with his legs and make things happen.

  • Our defense is still great. We held Mike Reilly to 4/13 for 84 yards in the first half. And save for the one blown coverage, gave him nearly nothing. Even in the second half, the two big passes he made, we had both pressure and coverage, and he put the ball in a spot where our defenders couldn't do a damn thing! Reilly is the CFL equivalent of Aaron Rodgers right now IMO, where he just makes stuff happen!

  • We had shots to win the game. We have in two weeks back to back stood toe to toe with two of the best teams in the CFL, and we could have won either game. The losses suck, but damn, we are so close to being a top team in the league.

  • Even without Messam, we still have great backs.

The Bad

  • Our offense still isn't quite there. We aren't getting it done with good field position, and our O-line is getting beat hard in short yardage. I tend to blame Clark for this as he gets almost no push off the snap. You can watch on most of our QB sneaks, as Clark gets beat off the snap, and doesn't get the yards the QB needs. I love him as a home town boy, but I still question if he should be a starter, especially at C.
    As good as Collaros was, him and the receivers weren't on the same page all night long. This doesn't concern me, as I believe it will come so long as he is healthy and starting games and practices.

  • Our OC is frustrating. I like the short yardage dink and dunk game a lot. What I don't like is his draw up the middle on second and long, that he calls quite consistently, and almost never works. I don't like how our final drive was handled, at all. I don't like the boring goal line and short yardage stuff that isn't working and yet we keep doing it. I feel like McAdoo isn't great at calling the game when we need big or important plays. Maybe that's just our offense not fully executing, but I feel like part of that is on him.

  • Penalties. We shoot ourselves in the foot so often. Offense just starting to get the ball moving.. Holding. Defense makes a key stop to give us great field position, PI. Great return. Illegal block. Too often we are seeing a lack of discipline removing our biggest plays.

I agree, now that the defence seems solids,maybe it’s time to put more attention to the offence.

To be a "Top Team" in the CFL you don't "almost win the game" you Win It!
Nuff said
Go Riders Go

I'm sure Collaros had some rust.

This team will only get better if they stay healthy.

Messam is a huge loss tho.