Aug 15th

A million things can happen between now and mid August but...

I MAY be in Hamilton with friends for the weekend. I was going to slip away and go to the Ticat game. Sadly, my buddies won't go (fools!). If I go, I'd prefer to go with someone so I have someone to talk to during the game. So... At the risk of this thread coming across as creepy...

If any of you guys are considering going to the August 15th Ticat game but have no one to hang out with, let me know. We could meet at the game.

Again, it's early and a million thing can ruin plans so forgive me if I cancel but I thought I would throw the idea out there early (and often).

Bumping this thread...

I have gone on line to a dating site and found a lady (early 40's) who is interested in going. We negotiated (smile) and I agreed to pay for her ticket, a slice or 2 of pizza and her beer. I have to confirm by end of next week.

Truth be told, I would prefer to save all that additional cash (it was already going to be an expensive weekend) so if any of you guys are looking to go but don't have anyone to go with, email me. It would give me someone to hang out with and save me $75(?) bucks - depending how much beer she drinks. :slight_smile:

I will be preparing for my yearly Elvis mourning.

Fair enough. I can't expect you to choose me over "The King". :slight_smile: