Audio, Video, Media Servers

Since we hijacked other threads...a place to discuss your audio, video and media server stuff.

Current set up:
Sony X90 series TV
Roku Ultra
Yamaha RX-V series AVR
Dual 620 Turntable
Squeezebox 3
Cerwin Vega RL-16T fronts, E75C center, 12 inch powered sub of the same vintage. SL 5m surrounds.
Plex, Emby, and Squeezebox server pc with 7tb storage.
Old Quad core PC with 3060 graphics card for ripping.
18 tb archive storage space.

When I got the Squeezebox years ago and learned to rip to FLAC it started a quest to not ever hunt through hundreds of disks for the one I want.
To that end I now run plex and Emby in parellel on a media server. I may be dumping plex soon. While it "just connects" from anywhere, if you set up DDNS Emby is nearly as easy.

My present project is upscaling all my video to minimum 1080p and the new ripping pc works fantastically for that.....


Wow do you kick butt @Squishy21 - this is all well over my head.

I just make do with a now older HDTV, which was one of the early ones from 2014 that can run all the modern apps, and a Chromebook for the most part.

I think 2024 is my year for the new TV especially if I move but stay here in the area too.

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22 inch Zenith with aluminum foil on the rabbit ears.
The knob is broken so I change the channels with a pair of pliers.


This is so old school that it sounds retro-modern badass and like you should add something like,
"And then I drink my whisky neat but in a dirty glass. And it tastes better that way too. That's right. Yeah."