Audio on TSN (TV) broadcasts

I'm curious if I'm the only one who finds it annoying/distracting to have to listen to what is usually a couple of extremely loud, boorish fans who are sitting just below the broadcast booth during TSN broadcasts.

Yesterday's Eskimos/Tiger-cats broadcast featured a very loud, shrieking woman and a loud, boorish man who seemed to enjoy having conversations with the Eskimos players in his head. :roll:
I have noticed the same thing on a couple of other broadcasts in other stadiums as well (Mosaic Stadium comes to mind).
These fans can be heard very clearly, and at times almost drown out the announcers. (I know, some of you may find that a good thing. :wink: )

An occasional yelling fan I can deal with.
A constant barrage throughout the telecast from two fans is annoying/distracting imo.