Audio feed problems every game

Has anyone else noticed the audio feed cuts out for a couple seconds every game?
This has been happening all season long. In every game.
I haven't seen anyone post about this, but it cannot be just me who's noticed this.
It doesn't matter which TV im watching on, so its not a problem with my digital box.

I haven't really noticed it much during the season, but I have noticed it today.

The streaming feed on ESPN3 seems fine. So it might not be a TSN problem.

I've definitely noticed it.
Its been annoying me all season. I think its on the HD feed (I haven't tried watching the non-HD version, though, so I can't be sure)

The only audio problem I've been having is with TSN's volume levels. There are too many times when the crowd noise drowns out the announcers. Yes that isn't a bad thing when it's Rod Black talking but it is when it is anyone else.

The problem I have with TSN is that on basic cable they are not in HD. I can watch all of the Jays games, soccer games, NFL games on Sportsnet or any of the other channels in HD on basic cable but if you want TSN in HD you have to pay extra!!
And that is on Rogers Cable, I refuse to pay extra just to get ONE sports channel in HD. I will be able to watch the NFL games next week, ice hockey on CBC in a few weeks, college football games etc ALL in HD but not CFL football.
Oh well in a months time I will be back south of the border and watching on my DirecTV satelitte, NBC in HD :thup: