You guys are getting greedy especially when the team is having such a dismal season.

In the past You have sold helmets and other items like street banners and only charged the final bid price no tax and no shipping if item was picked up at the head office.

Very nervy, Very nervy

Especially when you claim the monies goe to a charity now.

Too bad the average Hamiltonian will not be able to enjoy one of these purchases.

I was bidding on a helmet and have noticed they just added taxes to the listing on Sept 6th after the auction does ebay allow this to happen after the bidding has already started? Thats changing the price. You would think they would change the listings to mention the money goes to charity as it does not mention it now. :thdn:

I have a friend in the States whose organization did an auction very similar to this one and he informed me that when they had their helmets custom made, each helmet cost over $200 US to make. Multiply that by what 60 helmets = $12,000. I really dont think that 239 is that bad of a price considering it is game-worn and signed by that player. Plus, the $$ is going to charity people.

All well and good but how many do you plan on buying JD? Talk is very, very cheap.

I am planning on buying one, but as a student I have a very limited budget. I dont think that I will pay over 325 for one because I also have to pay rent and other bills, not becuase I think that they are overpriced. I was just pointing out that the team has to at least start the bidding in a range where they can break even. Marketing/Budgeting 101

JD - you are assuming the TiCats WANT to recover the cost of the helmets and than donate the net proceeds to the foundation. Very naive of you young man. Give the TiCats more credit than that. That is Life 101. And as for business courses - I have probably forgotten more than you will ever know. I am a self-employed professional who does very well financially. And yes, I will be buying a helmet just as I bought a jersey a couple of weeks ago.

Just because you are self-employed and have done well finacially doesn't mean that you have forgotten more than I know. You may be able to bring more experience to the table than myslef, but having just graduated from Notre Dame receiving 2 degrees, 1 in Finance and 1 in Business Administration while carrying a 3.8/4.0 GPA, I'm not too worried about my future.

In regard to the helmets...why didnt the organization just donate the cost of the helmet production to the charity, and start the helmets at a lower cost. There is a reason that this organization has the best Marketing Team/Front Office around. I think they know what they are doing.

Guys guys easy now. Lets let ol figment act as a mediator here. If you want a helmet buy one. If you dont then dont! thats pretty simple isnt it.And i'm no degree holder just some loser from the hammer. Like those great fellas in skirts say" toilet? who needs one,just pee behind the school.

Like those great fellas in skirts say" toilet? who needs one,just pee behind the school

OUCH :wink: