Are they still auctioning off the helmets and how do you do it?

just look to the right hand side of the screen and click

Thanks Espo. There has been 3 bids. lol

Actually if you click on the ebay item number links there are many bids, it just hasn't been updated on this site yet.

A question for someone at the team office.

Are the helmets really a "One Game Only" one game only look or more of a "If people like the look we may do it again next year and if it sells stuff we could use it permanently" one game only look? In other words, can you guarantee, or offer some reasonable certainty, that they will be a unique souvenir?

Not a game I'd like to remember but my son's still young enough that he thought it was "fun".

$50.00 for they come in a gold case

I am not with the team office... However, my understanding is that the Cats do not own the logo. It was used under licence, from the graphic designer. As such, I doubt that this logo will be used on any future merchandise.

OK, there's another good question - with the yellow jerseys, you could pick them up at the team office and forgo the $20.00 delivery charge. Does the same apply to the helmets?

I have tried to find out myself but have received no answer. If they have the same $42.50 admin charge as with jerseys and a required $50 shipping charge that will be almost another $100 added unto the actual price of the helmet. Even if a helmet goes for the minimum $239.99 that would mean an actual cost of $332.49 Ouch!

I don't like them Plus the cost is to high
So I Won't bid..

All auction questions can be answered by emailing them to



What admin charge? I didn't see that on either the jersey or helmet listings. On Ebay you can't have any hidden fees, just the shipping costs.

administration charges ??????
50 bucks or shipping ?????

so much for charity !!!!!

I did not see the $42.50 admin fee until I got my invoice for the jersey I bought. And yes, I was very surprised by it as it was not mentioned anywhere that I could see.

does this not violate some kinda of ebay aggreement. i thought everything had to be listed

That Admin Fee was theTaxes, and yes it should of been stated in the auction, that taxes will apply, too Canadian Residents.

Thanks Tig. Not only should they have told us but they should have labeled it correctly as well! Sheeeeesh!

All items are subject to taxes...just like buying them in a "real" store. This (as you all know) is a requirement by law.

All items posted have the following information:

[b]Seller's payment instructions[/b] Final value is subject to taxes applicable by law. Please wait to be invoiced before making payment.
This information is also indicated on any invoice you receive.

The reason for waiting to be invoiced is to prevent the double payment of taxes. When paying through paypal the taxes are automatically applied. If paying at the office I must send out a custom invoice with the taxes added...which appears as the "additional charge".

I also indicate on the invoice that this additional charge is the taxes.

Any other questions?


Helmets are big and heavy items.
To ensure that they will get to their destination in the exact condition they get shipped in, extra packaging (bubble wrap or whatever) is used.

A big heavy box costs a lot to ship.

I hope the hooks don't hurt when you take them out of your mouth.

$300+ :o :o