Auburn Tigers 2nd straight miraculous finish!

Two weeks ago Auburn Tigers pulled off this miracle at home against Georgia on a 4th and 18 play in the final 30 seconds to beat Georgia and everybody assumed that it would be the play of the year

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That was until today when in a HUGE game #1 - two time defending champion undefeated Alabama at #4 Auburn - their biggest rival - winner to the SEC Championship game. An incredible game with Bama taking the lead in the 4th quarter with a 99 yard bomb. Auburn tied it in the last minute and when an Alabama player went out of bounds at the Auburn 40 as the clock hit zeroes it looked like the game was going to overtime - but after a lengthy replay review it was ruled he went out of bounds with 1 second left - so Bama had one more play and much to the dismay of Auburn fans (so they thought) a chance for Bama to kick a game winning field goal. So - game tied, one second left and a 57 yard field goal attempt to win the game for Alabama and instead Auburn fans witnessed their second straight miracle finish. This one 109 yards to knock off # 1. INCREDIBLE!

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In the words of Bill King,

"Holy Toledo!"


This week was nirvana for football fans. Sunday - the Grey Cup and later that night the amazing Denver - Pats overtime game. Thursday had two really good games especially Steelers-Ravens and then today it was big rivalry weekend in the NCAA and there were a few really wild entertaining games today.

Ohio State's win in a 42 - 41 thrilling shootout over Michigan when Michigan decided to try for a 2 point convert with 30 seconds left and get stopped - I thought that would be hard to top. Then Georgia beat Georgia Tech in double overtime (that was happening at the exact same time as Auburn were pulling off their miracle against Alabama). Great stuff!

The CBS Verne Lundquist play-by-play of the Auburn miracle is excellent - but they also replayed it with the Auburn radio announcers and that call is hilarious - they are so over the top excited. If I find a link with that play-by-play - I'll post it.

I wonder which - if any of these players we will see a year or two from now in a Ti-Cats or some other CFL team uniform? I thought I should throw that line in before somebody hits me with a 'What's this doing on a Ti-cats board?' post. lol

A wide field goal run back for a TD 109 yards on the last play of the game??? - and the #4 team beats the #1 ranked team in the country - wow -

Here's is a six minute long extended version of the finish of the Auburn - Alabama game to give you a better sense of the context of the finish and more of the incredible post game scenes including some absolutely priceless shots of the stunned looks on Alabama fans faces. One of the most unbelievable finishes to a football game I have ever seen!

And at this link you can hear the hilarious Auburn and Alabama radio calls of the last play. Pretty easy to tell which is which - lol

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Even better:

OK I know this is probably wrong for a football board but as long as we're talking abut best crowd reaction videos ever to a sporting event - this one is very tough to beat - in this country at least. Hopefully something similar will happen in about 11 weeks I think in Sochi.