auburn running back

I am new to this board and appreciate the forum for info.
Om May 18th the Lions signed Tre Smith out of Auburn University. I have not read about him yet, or seen his name on depth chart or roster. I realize he is a rookie, and possibly those two things don't occur until pre-season is over.
Can anyone offer any information about him at his time? I live in his hometown in Florida and have folowed his carreer since high school. He is very special.

I don't see him listed on the camp depth chart. Try going over to and ask there . Lots of knowledgeable Lions fans there who are following training camp.

Hey Gator I think the reason why you have not read about Tre is because he pulled out due to some problem with College eligibility on his last year if he went to the lions this year

Two rookie imports who had agreed to terms told the club they will not attend camp.

B.C. will have no trouble finding a replacement for running back Tre Smith, who ran the risk of losing the final portion of his academic scholarship at Auburn by turning pro early.

As far as I know, Tre graduated with a degree in computer science. He played as a fifth year senior. He is currently working on his masters according to the AU website. Any further info would appreciated.

That’s pretty much all we know why he did not reported to camp is for that reason only

Like I suggested trying logging into and see if anyone there knows more.