Auburn Hills, Mich. Friday...TSN Anywhere?

Big problem, golfing and staying near Auburn Hills Michigan Friday Night and for the weekend...
Anyone familiar with the area...any bars that may have TSN on?
Just a shot in the dark to see if anyone gets down there and may know where the Canadians hang out, if anywhere.
Or is the game on a U.S Cable network??
Thanks!! If we can find the game, just be that much of better weekend...Ticats and 4 rounds in 3 days!

Looks like it might be on ESPN3

[url=] ... es-in-2015[/url]

Thank You. This looks promising!!

Aug 21 9:00 p.m. Hamilton Tiger-Cats Edmonton Eskimos ESPN3

I had the same dilemma down in Detroit in early July when watching Jays vrs Tigers series. The game was Indeed ON espn 3

It's funny that almost anyone in the US that has access to the internet can watch CFL football on ESPN3, all internet providers in the US carry ESPN3. But in Canada if you go to TSN on the internet you can't watch the CFL unless you have a TSN account..... :roll: :roll: :thdn: