Au Septième Ciel: Alouettes win the 110th Grey Cup

“The thing that happened in my day is objectively better because it happened in my day, and I will ignore any reasonable evidence or context that says otherwise.” :wink:

I fully agree with you. Going to four straight championship games and winning two of them is unheard-of in modern team sports with salary caps.

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The Montreal Alouettes put out a tremendous team effort in all 3 phases of the 110th Grey Cup game :star_struck: :100:. The TSN turning point in my humble opinion was in the 4th frame with 3:33 left on the clock. :thinking: Tyler Snead catch and fumble and recovered by Kyrie Wilson at the Bombers 44 yard line. :exclamation: The Officials ruled “No Catch” :bangbang:

Note: The Bombers inability to make a 1st down on their Final drive, cost them the game. :wink: :canada: :football:

I can’t help but think of the 2 heartbreaking losses the Calgary Stampeders endured in 2016 and 2017 before winning it all in 2018. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. :roll_eyes: :joy: :wink:

Fair point. That could and probably should have been ruled a fumble. But … we had had a few bad calls go against us earlier in the day that resulted in Winnipeg points so I’ll say it evened out at the end. :slight_smile:


The truth is the Bombers lost all the all important battle of the trenches :thinking: especially in the second half :exclamation:. The Als O-Line was superb along with Cody Fajardo’s heroic performance. :100: :star_struck:

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Alouettes deserve a full house crowd on their first home game next season for the fans to show that they support and believe in this team. The CFl will definitely take them very seriously if Montreal fans support this team; like the fans in Winnipeg.

Les Alouettes méritent une salle comble lors de leur premier match à domicile la saison prochaine pour que les partisans montrent qu’ils soutiennent et croient en cette équipe. La LCF les prendra certainement très au sérieux si les partisans montréalais soutiennent cette équipe ; comme les fans de Winnipeg.

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I always look at it that way. Bad call on the RTP against Montreal in the first. Bad call on the non fumble after an obvious football move.

The officials do their best but are human and mistakes are made. I will comment if I see a bad call in game but that’s just calling balls and strikes. Those calls tend to even out and are rarely the reason a team wins or loses and wasn’t yesterday.

I’m not a subscriber to conspiracy theories about calls being made for or against certain teams at the direction of the league. Poppycock!


Despite me being a Tiger Cat fan and still mourning their inability to reach the Grey Cup, I found this CFL season to be very enjoyable and watched every televised game that I could. I am really looking forward to next year - I will be practising and perfecting (in the off season) my Oskee-wee-wee and singing the Ti-Cat VIctory Song - something we haven’t heard much of over far too many years. Here’s hoping for next year!