Au Septième Ciel: Alouettes win the 110th Grey Cup

HAMILTON — From uncertainty about the franchise’s existence earlier this year to a red-and-blue confetti celebration in Hamilton on Sunday, the Montreal Alouettes have charted one of the most unique paths to a Grey Cup championship in CFL history.

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I’ve said since midseason that Houston was grossly overrated. 8 picks on the season but burned multiple times during the season. And here he is costing the Bombers the Grey Cup being burned twice for TDs. I nicknamed him 'Kingsford" as in charcoal mid season because he gets burned so much. Well he created an inferno.

Oh my goodness… a heartbreaking end for all us Blue Bomber fans but what a exciting Grey Cup Game for the fans. I was so hoping for Bombers to win their 3rd Grey Cup in 4 years but genuinely happy for Montreal with everything they had to overcome. Congratulations to the Alouettes.

Thanks, since the last Grey cup in 2010 the road as been bumpy. Can’t really believe the pulled off the upset. Go Als!!!

Great Grey Cup game ! Great that the Als won over the favorite Bombers. They beat both the regular season Eastern Top Team as well as the Western regular top team to get the Cup. That is just awesome. Congrats to the Entire Montreal squad.

Mod edit: Needless post game insult to Bomber fans.


Congratulations to the Montreal Alouettes players, coaches & management!! Thank you for such an exciting game and for winning the 2023 Grey Cup in spectacular fashion!! Special shout out to the media who provided all the motivation Montreal needed! 2023 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!! Fantastic!


There was no epic failure, just two teams playing smash-mouth football. That was one of the greatest Grey Cup games I’ve seen and I’ve seen everyone since 1957. Congrats to both teams


This Bomber fan congratulates the Alouettes on their victory. Both teams fought hard and played smart, but the Als were the ones who sealed the deal. Looking forward to more games like this next season!


The Als played well and are worthy champions - congratulations! I feel a bit badly for the Bombers - they must be shaking their heads wondering what more could they do? Same scenario two years in a row. As a Tiger Cat fam, I feel that any team that can make it to the grey Cup is lucky to be there, Here’s to the Alouettes and to the rest of the CFL for a great season!


Exactly. This was one of the most exciting Grey Cups I’ve seen. I’m not saying that because my team won. I’m saying that because it was a gritty, contested game with lead changes and big plays, and it all came down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter. Two great teams slugging it out. Could easily have been Winnipeg winning but we made maybe one or two more plays, and guys just elevated: Fajardo, Spieker, Ento, Mack, Sankey, Stanback, Johnson, the offensive line.

Well done Montreal. You guys won this Grey Cup the old fashioned way…. You Earned It.


It’s been reported that only 3 of the players children were lost during the celebrations. They were later found in the concession area eating TimBits

Well, so much for that Bomber “dynasty” huh tsn? I don’t think dynasties lose back to back championship games.

Monty, I think the word you are looking for is dinosaurs

As an Als fan in the U.S., my heart was racing. One of the best sporting events I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing your game with us. I love the CFL.

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Dynasties go to 4 Grey Cups in a row in a salary cap era. Good luck seeing that again in your lifetime. They also aren’t determined by one 3rd and 5 play with the game on the line as you appear to be saying. Had that pass been incomplete then the Bombers would have won 3 out of 4 and been a dynasty according to your definition. I don’t think dynasties are defined that narrowly.

As far as defining dynasties I thought Matt Dunigans comments post game were pretty spot on. Has anyone ever called the 1990’s Buffalo Bills a dynasty? I think that Bombers had to win at least one of these last two Grey Cups to carry that title

I don’t. I’m more on Milt’s side. Let’s not forget the age. Once a salary cap comes into play in any league the definition of dynasty changes. I doubt you’ll see anyone do anything similar to what the Bombers have done in your lifetime. They may not be done yet. The Bombers would have won if the Als didn’t convert on 3rd and 5. The margin of victory was as razor thin as possible and would have been if the Bombers won as well. I don’t think one 3rd and 5 play defines a dynasty but rather that the body of work over 4 years does.

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Edmonton won in 78,79,80,81 and 82 , that is called a dynasty. Regardless of any salary cap.

You don’t understand the effect of a salary cap then. Also no free agency and no real NFL competition.

You can’t compare the current Bomber dynasty to the Edmonton dynasty of 40 years ago or the Bomber dynasty of the 50’s. It’s just too different and much harder to win today.

Look at any salary cap sport and see if you can find a team that went to the big game or series 4 years in a row. You can’t and probably won’t see one for another 50 years.

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