Au revoir Jacques

Looks like Jacques has left the Lions,
He will be missed buy like in all sports life goes on.
I only pray they dont hire Danny Barrett to replace him.

typo..replace buy with but

Danny Barrett?

Your Kidding, Right?

Where to BeeeeCeeee?

Haha.. Your going to have tons of fun with Strasser as Offensive Cootdinator!:wink:

Danny Barret is being touted as the leading candidate.

So long as Danny doesn't have to be responsible for pulling a struggling quarterback, he should be fine..... :wink:

Yikes, I'm not sure if I like the idea of Barrett being here. We may not host a playoff game for 27 years!

Riders give up on McCallum, Lions get him, Lions win a Grey Cup.

Riders give up on Barrett, IF Lions get him, Lions win another Grey Cup.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the nuts for the Riders.

When you get him as your head coach and he wins a GC for you, then we'll talk..... :wink:

NO , no , we’re not talking head coach . Just co-ordinator , just like Dave Ritchie. Wouldn’t want Ritchie as head coach either but he’s one fine D-C . Barret was a pretty good O-C before he was riders coach. He may do good as O-C again.

They’re also talking about a shared co-ordinator job with Dorazio and Kruck doing it. Who ever it turns out to be , I think BC will be alright still with DD in there helping to design the play book. In a couple of years I think DD will be our O co-ordinator and then our head coach after Bouno retires from HC .

After all Dickenson had alot to do with the re-design of the offensive playbook for '06. It wasn’t just the Chap who did it.

I Like your "time - line" pennw ! :wink:

I think they will promote from within. I think Jeff Kruck is the logical choice.

His name is Steff not Jeff.
According to Bob O'billovich on the radio today , there are a lot more candidates for the job than people think. OB does think that promoting from with in is very possible between Kruck and Dorazio asthis would keep the continuity going. But there are other outsiders too he said , but didn't specify who.

One thing I like about our team unlike the other teams who only seem to look for retreads off of other teams Wally with OB's help gets us new people all the time who are more than adequate and who usually are an improvement over their predecessor.

That is what keeps Bouno teams ahead of the pack.

I think Wally Buono deserved better then this from his Offensive Coordinator. Buono went to bat for Jacques in Calgary when ownership there told Buono that he had to fire Chapdelaine. Buono who was involved in a power struggle instead resigned. The fact that Jacques went to a division rival is just more salt in the wound. I wish JC well but sometimes it is the players that make the coach look good and the verdict is out on the talent pool in Edmonton (minus Ricky Ray)

What can you say about the OC of the Grey Cup Champs. He's an ok OC but like mylions said, i believe it was the players that made him look good.

I personally think he lost the GC in 2004 for the Lions with his lame play calling. I kinda think he almost blew it with his play calling in the 2nd half of GC 06 but the Lions still held on with a solid D.

8) Maybe Edmonton will be a better fit for him , he likes teams with a crappy O-line :twisted: We need Kent Austin as our O.C. , I like his hissy fits on the sidelines.