Au Revoir Alouettes...Bonjour Lions in the Grey Cup

The Lions are the Alouettes' kryptonite. There is no denying it. 2000 Grey Cup, Als are big favourites...Who won?

2006, Lions/Als Grey Cup...Who won?

Alouettes haven't won at BC since Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister.

The Lions have the Alouettes number. That is why they will win on Sunday. Not because they are the better team on paper, but because they always beat Montreal when it matters.

Well I guess that wont be the case now!!!! lets just set up the damn parade route too

Good thing the game's in Montreal then. :smiley:

Marty York reports that Murray Clarke's crew was seen in down town Montreal looking at Stop watches in preparation for Sundays game between the Lions and Alouettes.

Did any one notice that Clarkes crew didn't work this week. Maybe they will be in Montreal this week. Will that be inside the Montreal teams heads?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


wow, how some continue to wade in the past.. this years Alouettes are not the 2000 Als..

you're all going to be eating your words at the gun.

Have you not noticed our record against the Als for the last DECADE? Not just one year, the last 9 or so? Also, have you not noticed their poor playoff record in the last DECADE?

I almost want the Lions to win now just so we can see if cflisthebest's head will explode... :lol:

i'd be happy in one way, cause it'll be easier for the Riders to win the Grey Cup...

Casey meet Shea 8)

Casey meet Diamond 8)

Casey meet Ramon 8)

Casey Printers is the Rue Paul of the CFL :lol:

2nd. Quarter

Lulay meet Shea....

What exactly does that have to do with this season? B.C has been awesome last decade. Can't say that's the case right now, being the crossover team.

Also, BC hasn't won in Montreal since Obama became President. Not sure how thats relevant to football, though...

3rd Quarter

Champion meet Shea...

4th Quarter

Random Fan meet Diamond...

wow, how some continue to wade in the past.. this years Alouettes are not the 2000 Als..

you're all going to be eating your words at the gun.
I should be!

On paper Montreal should wup our butts. But we play the game on the field not on paper. Why have the Lions done so well against Montreal over the last half dozen years?

If we are still close in the fourth Quarter after making two trips over three time zones, thats a great achievement for a team that is REBUILDING THIS YEAR! Remember, just making the playoffs was a goal. Hosting a playoff game (which didn't happen) would have been a bonus. Going as far as we have has exceeded my expectations. If we pull off an upset win, it will be the greatest thing to happen out here on the Wet Coast in a long time. Looking at history, I still like our chances (Slim as they are) playing Montreal, rather than Calgary who have owned us for the last few seasons.


I have to say Sportsmen, with that sig, you have more confidence than I do that the Leos will win on Sunday.

It's a battle of the All-Porn Name teams:

Buck Pierce / Zac Champion


Diamond Ferri / Chip Cox

(come to think of it, Montreal's might play for the "other team" :wink:)

My signature is there to annoy a couple of people. One 24 hour banned person seems kinda annoyed by it when he should be more worried about the Stamps.

All in good fun!

(It will probably only last until Sunday…Montreal has too many bullets left in the gun)


I guess it is true that B.C. only has fair weather fans. I haven't seen this many on the forum all season.

Its really easy to be confident on your team when there is no pressure, no one expects BC to win so you can chirp all you want and if your wrong its ok cuz everyone expected it.

For montreal, cause of pride we must win!

It’s also easy to be confident in your team when they traditionally dominate the other team like the BC Lions do to Montreal.

I'd post something here but I'm laughing too hard at the comments being made. Love Chief's comment in particular. Oh oh...sorry guys....I must go back and continue teaching my children that wonderful French Canadian song in preparation for this Sundays romp.....Ummm...umm...uhhhh...Oh yah...."Alouette"

? ? Ohhhhh ? ?...ohhh.... ? ? Alouette, gentille Alouette ? ?

? ? Alouette, je te plumerai...? ?

I didn't know the CFL went back that far. lol

Legend has it that the song was sung in old Empire Stadium when the Als met the Lions for the first Grey Cup ever. They wore raccoon hats instead of helmets and the football was a real pigskin. The cheerleaders apparently sang Alouettah.... in 8 part harmony to the delight of the fans.

Final score: Lions 35, The Als 2........hmmmmm

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