Attribution Time - A Total Loss

Well Ladies & Gentlemen ... Boys & Girls ... It's attribution & accountability time with the most recent loss & dreadful display by our beloved TiCats versus Edmonton @ a wet & soggy Alumni Aquatic Centre!

As you can clearly see, as well all witnessed first hand ... It was an absolute total team loss across all factors of the game. Below is a list of the most attributable factors in the loss;

Off Run Yds/Att 4.00 8.50 -2.07 22.69%
Off Pass Yds/Att 4.92 6.45 -1.75 19.19%
Def Int Rate 0.00 2.00 -1.52 16.66%
Def Pass Yds/Att 6.45 4.92 -1.41 15.49%
Def Run Yds/Att 8.50 4.00 -1.08 11.84%
Off Int Rate 2.00 0.00 -0.90 9.86%
Off Pen Rate 6.00 5.00 -0.39 4.27%
Off Fum Rate 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.00%
Def Fum Rate 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.00%

So ... almost a quarter of Edmonton's margin of victory was due to it's ability in running the ball. Of course that also has much to do with Hamilton's inability to stopping the run. When you add the two run factors together it equals 34.53%. So more than a third of this game's differential lies in Hamilton's inability to run & stop the run.

Lots of theories and opinions abound here as far as under-sized MLB with JJ and/or ineffective DT's. I believe in the later rather than the former. I think this part of the equation was lost before the game even started when Coach Austin made Terrence Moore a healthy scratch in favour of Craig Marshall. Same can be said for the decision to dress Bussey rather than Simoni Lawrence. Personnel decisions were quite perplexing. Starting 2 rookie imports on Dline & only having a NI rookie back-up? Deciding to dress a rookie backup LB rather than someone who's played the game and who was motivated to play against Edmonton? Puzzling decisions!

Although the run game factors were quite significant, the main culprit was the passing as it usually is in the CFL. When you add up the various passing game factors, more than 45% of the game was decided here. Hamilton averaged under 5 yards per pass attempt while giving up almost 6.5 yards per attempt. Edmonton had 2 interceptions while Hamilton had none.

I personally think blame is to be laid across all participants in Hamilton's effort in this area. This was not a good outing by the Oline. After Ingersoll was quickly pulled and benched, the line did a little better but still not perfect. Every member gave up a sack or a pressure. No one had a perfect game along the line.

Receivers in my mind were terrible. They were running routes ... not getting open. They were running their patterns and not looking back for the ball. They definitely were not helping Henry by getting open or coming back to the ball as protection broke down or time elapsed. You have to get rid of the ball on a three count or less in this league. These guys weren't even coming out of their breaks or even looking for the ball at the 3 count! I put this down primarily on inexperience. That and coaching. This unit was unprepared.

And Henry. I realize he was under some pressure at times. I realize receivers weren't getting open quickly. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that those two things would've made it hard for anyone to have a good game. Still, I'm not entirely sure Henry is making the right decisions. He missed wheel routes by Gable and Lamar out of the backfield many times. (You know, the routes that Reilly hit Charles on for EDM many times!) Henry was indecisive. I was worried he was a little too dialed into Fantuz last week and it really showed this week. I'm not sure if Henry has a firm grasp on Austin's offense yet as he seems unable to work through his progressions. It almost seems like he says; "Hike", gets the snap, looks for Andy, and if it's not there he panics.

Anyways, not too much on Hank since this was a total team & football organizational break down. Coaches did not have this team prepared. Made questionable roster selections. And those who dressed and played, did not have their best efforts/performances.

I agree with most of what you say FenderGuy :slight_smile:

As for the running game , my guess is that they will give Chevon a shot this week . I am confused how the play calling can look so good last week and so bad this week . My guess is that Stenauer knew alot of what jones was doing so that helped us . i think Edmonton only send 4 guys and still get presssur and the ARGOS usually blitzed. Burris burned the Argos on more than a few blitzes a pass to GABLE in the end zone .I honestly did nort see one good play call all game . I will watch the taped game to see if there was any . What happeed on the Ellingson Gable collision ..sorry not acceptable. Also , it seemed like Burris was just saying go outr an get open and then foudn nobody open and was running around ...
was perplexed to see them run so much at Sherret with nobody blocking him really showed on the last 3rd down pass to Lamar with Sherret on him with no block and 2 other eks defenders there as well . There is no player in the history of the game that gets past the 3 esks defenders with no blocking .

I felt Austin might have pushed the panic button a bit to quickly on dressing Marshall , Norwood , Parks, Gant etc
These guys were not put in a position to succeed . i don't blame any of them as they are all very skilled just were not prepared properly and not put in the right situations . i odn't blame Norwood for retaliatng on that big ESK OT falling on hsi knew ...that is terrible and can ruin a guys career ...

I hope they don't turn aroudn and release all these gusy as the real problem was with the vets like Grant , Guguere.

i think the cats have to move Jamal back to the will spot and look at Bussey. Bowman , Lawrence at MLB and Knowlton back to SAM .

Right now Knowlton is playing poorly at Will and the SAM position is not being manned well . MLB with Johnson is going ok but he is better suited for WIll.

I noticed Parks and Harris seemed lost most of the game at SAM. I like these guys but they have to knwo their assignements and where to be etc ..Poor coaching .

I fi had to make a list of players that played Ok it would be tough but i's go with Jamal and Breaux and maybe Hobbs that's it ...

I hope Fantuz is ready next week .
I hope to Fugueroa is redy to come back
I expect that Moore will get reinstated and Chevon might be in at RB . Not sure what to Do at DE ..i'd give Norwood another shot because of his credentials and because our options stink . Marshall has a bad game so Moore will be back ..Still don't like bulcke ...

I;d go :

Norwood , Bulcke, Moore, Scott
Knowlton.Lawrence , Jamal
Breaux . Stephen
Hobbs, Mccolough

Assuming that Fantuz is back , I'd remove Giguere and replace him with Stala ( get him off 9 game early ) and Charbonneau..( enough is enough )
Burris must be furious with these receivers ... I'd bring Onrea back over grant and keep Gant in there.

we need a running game and I don't think Gable can provide one ..Gable is good at blocking and catching passes out of the backfield but not a great runner .

Great posts above. I just assumed that Lawrence and Moore were injury situations.

If Figueroa is back for Winnipeg, he's in. But if not maybe the four NI line they used for much of the Guelph game and get another import in on defence, on the line or in the secondary.

To me, the foundation for getting better is finding and getting the right NI starters. My main NI doubt is Bucknor/Hinds; others have mentioned doubts about Bulcke (I see the issue) or Giguerre (I am OK with him). I think having Simon C-C as another starting NI receiver may be part of the solution. Here's another perhaps desperate possibility: particularly if Moore and Davis could be the DTs, starting NI rookie Plesius at MLB (backed up by Williams? Richardson? eventually Carl-OliverPrime if he does not succeed in the NFL and comes to the Ti-Cats?). At least Johnson and Knowlton could be moved back to their original positions.