Attn Season Ticket Holders - 2013 renewal implications

I know this topic has been buried in another post about 2013 Season Ticket prices but I feel that it deserves it's own thread because it may get lost on a lot of long-time season ticket holders.

On the website there is a notice for current season ticket holders that describes how seniority and years of consecutive ownership fits into seat assignment for the 2014 season. It is extremely relevand if you do not have plans to renew for 2013 because you don't want to make the trek to Guelph.

Season seat holders will be invoiced by Friday, November 23, 2012.

Renewal deadline
• Early Bird: Friday December 14th, 2012 (only a 20% required)
• Final Renewal : Friday, February 8th, 2013 (only a 20% required)
Early bird deadline
• Renew your 2013 Season Seats by Friday Dec 14th and receive...

  • 2013 Season Seats at the same 2012 Season Seat prices.
  • The best seats available, first, within your section
  • Reserve Tier 1 priority access to the New Stadium in 2014
    Payment options*
    • Credit card payment plan ( 5 easy 20% installments)
    • Early bird dates: Dec 14, Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12 ,May 10
    • Final renewal dates: Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, June 7
    • Cheque payment plan: 20% before Dec 14th or Feb 8th, remaining 80% due March 22th.
    • Pay in full: Before Dec 14th (& receive 2012 price) or before Feb 8th (& receive 2013 price)
    *Please Note – In order to receive the 2012 price for the 2013 season a small deposit of only 20% is required before December 14, 2012. Also, 2013 Season seats and single game tickets will be subject to a $5 facility fee per game plus applicable taxes.
    Interested in Purchasing ADDITIONAL Season Seats for the 2013 Tiger-Cats Season?
    • Current Season Seat Holders can purchase additional season seats before the renewal deadline. Purchase your additional seats by Dec 14, 2012 and receive them at the 2012 price. Additional seats purchased after Dec 14 will be at the 2013 price. All seats are subject to a facility fee.
    Tier 1 Priority (Continuous Ownership)
    • New Stadium Priority - those who renew their seats for the 2013 season will be rewarded with Tier 1 priority access ahead of those who do not continue their season seat ownership in 2013.
    • Season Seat Holders must renew the same number of seats for 2013 to receive the Tier one priority for the 2014 New Stadium.
    • Season Seat Holders that decide not to renew in 2013 will maintain their priority and still receive their price guarantee of the 2012 price for 2014, but will be on the Tier 2 priority list.
    2013 Season Seat Holder Benefits
    • Great savings of 17% - 69% off individual game day prices
    • First choice to purchase your seats and the opportunity to purchase additional seats for the 2013 playoffs before the public on-sale.
    • Merchandise discount for Season Seat Holders (10% off for all Season Seat Holders, 15% off for Platinum Season Seat Holders)
    • Account Manager-Email tickets, print from home and manage your account information.
    • Guaranteed reserved seating for all regular season home games in Guelph

Important to note is that if you don't renew for 2013 and you have long-time years (10-50) of continuous ownership, you will end up behind anybody else who renews for the 2013 season. If 7500 renew for 2013, your down below 7500 in seniority. Say goodbye to the center field seats or seats being behind the team bench that you have worked your way up to over the years.

Also important to note is that to get 2012 season ticket prices in 2013 (like you were promised for the 2014 season), you must put a deposit down before Dec 14th, basically 3 weeks after learning that the games will be in Guelph with no indication of what to expect in Guelph or when the games are scheduled. Real longtimers could already be in Florida

My take is that the Ticats managed to get the games close enough to home so now they can put the squeeze on existing season ticket holders to renew. If the games had been played anywhere else (London,Toronto,Monction), they probably wouldn't had the Tier 1/2 thing. Even if they did, it would have been more acceptable because fewer fans would have renewed. It peeves me that someone with 2 years seniority could be ahead of me (41 years) for seat choice in 2014. Many of those could be corporate tickets that were purchased in 2012 so you could have all of those "perk" seats sitting beside you, which totally destroys the kinship you have from being around the same people every game, the main reason for purchasing season tickets.

Being a longtime season ticket holder, I hadn't planned to drive to Guelph because, like most longtimers, I'm older and don't like driving at night, especially on dark highways and unfamiliar cities, and Guelph Alumni stadium is not "17 minutes" from Hamilton, it is 56 minutes (Google Maps from Ancaster). We usually take the Express Bus to the game but that won't be an option in Guelph.

Anyways, my reasoning for not renewing aside, I think it is a terrible thing that the Ticats are doing, putting the squeeze on us like this. They played a huge part in rebuilding at the Ivor Wyne site with the result of inconveniencing their fans. By making us renew season tickets, knowing that we might not attend most or any of the games, they run the risk of alienating long time season ticket holders. I know that I find out if this pans out and I could end up being 7500 on the seniority list, I would not renew in 2013 or 2014 for the principle of the thing. I can't just throw money way on games that I won't be attending because they are not in Hamilton and easily accessible.

I know that the younger season ticket holders (or non-season ticket holders) will just say to renew and show your a true fan. I've heard that BS ever since this forum was started and it wears a little thin when you think that every year it is up to you to keep the team viable until the younger fans bite into supporting the team and then when you might just be getting something back for your loyalty, the team puts the squeeze on you once again.

I'm tired of it.

The worst part is they won't show their hand for the 2014 seats now. If they were straight shooters they would allow fans to buy their 2013 and deposit their 20 percent on their 2014 seats at least fans would know what they are reserving. But they won't do that... The stadium is designed so there is no reason for them not to do that except that its a hoax. Sponsors, Family, friends, employees all will get the first crack.

Sponsors and corporations who have new tickets from 2012 would have no problem renewing so they would climb the ladder. Not sure if it was planned that way.

So, if I understand this "plan" correctly, you can be a long time season ticket holder, and because you may not be able to make the treck to Guelph, which is not within EVERYONE'S budget, timeframe or ability, your loyalty is then thrown out the window for 2014.

Doesn't sound fair to me!!!!

You would think that would be extremely poor judgement by the Cats. Then again if they cast off enough past season ticket holders with this policy then they’ll be able to resell those seats at a much higher rate. Especially with the first year of the stadium since it will be a novelty then to attend Ti-cat games and you will get many newer fans. They won’t have much trouble filling the 24000 even if they lose some of the previous disgruntled season ticket holders. Either way the Cats are in a good position.

Problem with this "policy",Krisiun, is that eliminating long time ticket holders because they can't travel to this new location in Guelph is very short sighted. The novelty of a new stadium, once it is opened, will be short lived, especially if this team does not perform well.

Should this organization carry on with this plan, I don't want to hear any whining from the management later about the fans not coming out, when they have mistreated their most loyal customers in this shabby way.

I absolutely agree with you old fan, but I think that management would be banking on the unconditional loyalty of Cats fans. After all, you could say that they have mistreated their most loyal customers by continuing to provide a sub-par football team over the last decade or so. In Hamilton we’re suckers for punishment. The fans will grunt and groan a bit and then eventually cough up the extra dough.

I think the Ticats are in a tough predicament, there will only be something like 15,000 seats in Guelph and they want to encourage new fans from outside of Hamilton but also trying to please the loyal season ticket holders. How do they get their loyal fans to commit to Guelph and then give them priority at the new stadium.

On another thread there are fans complaining that the Ticats should know where they want to sit in the new stadium in 2014. Somehow the Ticats are supposed to know where you want to sit when they just found out the design and seating arrangements in the new stadium. For instance the rows of seats are going to be a lot smaller in the new stadium ie if a row in Box J had 50 places market out on the old benches, and the new seats in the new stadium have only 30 across, it could be impossible for you to sit next to your former bench mates. How do they handle that?

If your season ticket was in a Box seat on the South Side how do the Ticats know which side you want to sit on?
It's now East and West. Do they move all the former North Side season ticket holders to the East or West Side? What if half the fans that were in Box I start complaining that the Ticats put them on the East side now and they wanted the West stands?
I think fans are blaming and expecting too much from the organization.

Trying to anticipate your customer's seating preferences are one thing, cutting off long time loyal customers because they can't play along with your new arrangement, that they had NO part in deciding or even agreeing to, is an unfair and mean spirited attitude.

You don't grow your business by ignoring, abusing (or even worse) taking for granted your best customers.

I have little sympathy for this organization, as they put themselves in this predicament and are now taking it out on those who have been good to them.

What happens if more season ticket holders renew than there are seats available in Guelph. do the ones over the capicity lose their tier 1 and go to tier 2. this whole plan just isn't fair and just plain stinks!!!!!!!!!!! As a 40 years season ticket holder i WILL NOT RENEW IN 2014 if i lose my senority to a ticket holder with less senority than mine. If they want to reward people for 2013 give them a voucher (25,50.75%) off any merchandise item..example 0-15 years 25% 16-30 years 50% and over 30 years 75% off.

Bob young is a business man first a Hamiltonian second!

Hi Cats99:

The issue is not whether Bob's a Hamiltonian or not, it's how he is mistreating his most loyal customers.

As a business, you should be appreciative of these people. they helped to build your business and keep the bills paid.

He's taking them for granted, and that's not wise in any industry.

At the end of the day, if you complain enough to your ticket rep, they will help you out.

From my understanding, you aren't really going to pick you seat. You are going to be assigned a seat similar to where you sit now, in particularly close to the yard line where you site. Where it will be a mess is where people have seats on an end and they get put in a middle of a row.

Think about it, 15-18,000 STH, it would take forever to call everyone and ask them where they want to sit. Then what happens if they call, and leave a message and they go onto the next person? If you are truly slotted with seniority in mind, then they really shouldn't call the next person until you are booked.

There are just way too many questions.

I don't even think the stadium will be ready for July 1, 2014 but that's for another topic.

Tier 2 people, those that don't renew for 2013 but had seasons in 2012, will still get great seasons seats as there won't be a ton of renewals for next year anyways I don't think. But yes, talk to your rep if your bothered and see if they can help you out but any continuous season ticket holder should get first crack in the new stadium, and it won't be that many so don't worry about it. It's respecting those that stay continuous, not for how many years you've had seasons, makes absolute perfect sense to me. But people can look at this their own way of course. Whatever.

After just getting back from the Grey Cup and logging onto to read what was being said about the Agros winning I saw this thread. I am totally awed by this new level of Tigercat Management's arrogance, ignorance and blatant disregard for those that have had seasons tickets for years. We have sat through a year of 1-17, a few 3-15 and at best 9-9 for the entirety of this century. Their promises of "better is better" have rung very hollow for a long time, especially this past year that was supposed to hold so much promise. They seem to value their tickets far more than the average person does. Maybe they need to try to talk friends into going to a game when they have some spares.

As much as I saw the missive that was sent out I only glanced at it, given the gut wrenching play of this previous year. Now that I actually look at it and see the ramifications pointed out, this new Tiered system makes me sick to think that it is we who have committed to the Cats in the past that have kept these people employed. As already pointed out Guelph is not 17 minutes away. West Mountain to Alumni Stadium is 60.1km showing a 55 minute drive. Highway 6 where it cuts down to 1 lane will be a nightmare both directions. With traffic the guesstimate is at least 1.25-1.5 hours hopefully no more, to and from Guelph. Rogers Center/Skydome is rated a mere 2 minutes further away.

I have follwed the Cats since my father took me to see Winterpeg back in the 1960's, followed them as I grew up on the other side of Oshawa after we moved and then started going to games again when I came back to Hamilton to attend Mac. I had the prividge of sharing a house with Jim Muller (RIP), a Ticats DE out of Queens who also was at my wedding in 1982. I have bled black and gold for years taking my jerseys and hats all over the Caribbean since it is such a great way to start up conversations with fellow tourists. I have tried to push the Tigercats branding at all the events that our Community Association holds with what I wear since I am the one on the microphone. With the youth baseball league we run, the signature jersey that I wear is the Ticat white so people can easily find me if they have a question.

At the Grey Cup last night I was decked out in all my Ticat gear where I hesitantly ended up cheering for the Argos to beat the Stamps and now coming home to read this has me enraged that Management thinks so little of those that have helped them by continuing to purchase season tickets year after year. As for them wanting all Sat or Sunday games, that will be great for 2013 as I work retail as do many others. At least in Hamilton with a 7pm game I could get there by the end of the first quarter. Guelph makes that logistically impossible. Tier 1 vs Tier 2, no wasted tickets guarantee for 2013 (probably longer). They certainly seem to be rewarding their longtime fans don't they.

They have business decisions to make and as dedicated fans so do we.


I'm not renewing for next year and I don't think the team expects a lot to renew that might not be able to make the trip for whatever reasons, at least not knowing how many games they can make. They know the score on this. But man would I be peeved totally if I didn't renew when the games are in Guelph to not be in Tier 1. I would be totally furious in that case, totally. I know fans who renew and only go to some games in any sport league because they love to be a continuous season ticket holder, knowing beforehand as I say they only can go to a few games.

Absolutely no hostility at all for this and no one IMHO should have any hostility. What's up with some of you people, I don't get you. :? :? :? :? :? :?

They can take their stadium and their tickets and stick them where the sun does not shine. That is not what they told me last year when I renewed, not even close. I am going to talk to the government and see if there is any violations here, like lies and extortion. Yes we do have the right to be PO'd. I was told we did not have to renew in 2013 because of the situation and that our priority and price would be the same for 2014 as long as we renewed in 2012. I asked specifically about priority and was told it would be the same!

Earl, it’s a poorly thought out business plan. More so when you take into consideration the fact that the numbers DO NOT warrant any such plan. Or like you say they do not believe many will renew. So what’s the point of such a dumb plan?

Those that renew are being rewarded they pay their money and they go to a game. The fans that don’t renew don’t get to go. After the game is played the purchaser and the vendor are EVEN. That said the TiCat situation is somewhat different, it has a past as well as an emotional attachment that needed to be addressed by the team and was not.

The simple solution would have been a ticket licensing plan that allowed those not renewing for what ever reason an opportunity to maintain their selection order at a fair cost rewarded with a certificate of appreciation.

The tier system would be fine if there were more seats available (2014) but being that there will be less in 2013 and 2014 then there were in 2012 it fly’s in the face of common sense.

As a season ticket holder that will be renewing because I want to go to games and I do not buy tickets as a donation or with “have to? sentiment, I will support those that believe they should not lose their order because they can not go to Guelph. Simply based on the lack of sense this plan makes for the business of the team.

Now out that through the league office the other owners will have to write Cheques to Bob Young next season for this cluster...

I'll even go so far as to say the team probably doesn't even want a lot of renewals to be sure to have tickets for people in the Guelph/KW area to witness CFL games on hand. Regionalization. Give Hamilton fans a break for a season for shelling out for seasons. Seriously. :wink:

I don't buy the poorly thought out business plan at all, in fact I think it's very smart, bordering on genious (that may be going too far though 8) ) to discourage people, if you will, from renewing next year albeit to throw a bone in to be tier 1 for 2014.

But as you know, my brain works weirder than many which may not always be a good thing though. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Ok, now I know more people than ever here will hate me, that's ok though, I'm used to it. :stuck_out_tongue: