ATTN Grey Cup Committee:

Please sell "I was there" T-Shirts at the 100th Grey Cup game.

Thank you,

That is all.

Perhaps the “Tragically Hip” may play at half time in Toronto.

Perhaps not. :cowboy:

[url=] ... time-show/[/url]

Rumour has it, thus maybe :rockin:

The Hip put on an amazing performance at the last concert at Ivor Wyyne Stadium :thup:

The Hip would be a great choice but Toronto's band IMO are The Bare Naked Ladies.

they'll say "I was there.. Too bad Toronto missed the party!" :lol: :wink:

Based on track record, this should guarantee that Toronto makes it to the Grey Cup. :cowboy:

I was hoping it might be the Stones. New album and they like playing Toronto. It would attract a huge audience especially from the States. Not a Hip fan and I live in Kingston.

for the love of christ, i hope not.

For that matter, KISS just released a new album and they like coming to Canada too.