Attn: front office - idiot alert!

Let's hope the Tiger-Cats don't have any fans as stunned as this one:

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I don't believe that any Hamilton Ticat fan is as dumb as this guy.......Not even LB74. :smiley:

Reading through the lines (with my 14 years of telephone customer service experience) I think their "Community Service Department" would have offered to cancel this idiot's season tickets if he wanted them to. Sometimes, when on the phone with a belligerent customer, offering to cancel the product is the last resort. He, of course, would have misinterpreted that (in his belligerent mind) to a threat to cancel his season tickets. I think that part of his complaint will be denied in due course.

Nothing to see hear folks. Time to move on to more intelligent discourse. :wink:

By calling him an idiot you have disenfranchised him of a human right by undermining the legitimacy of his feelings

Luckily the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will have lots of fun trying to find me. How many Mikefrmthhammers are there anyway?


His approach is questionable, but his logic is sound. In any group that can be divided into groups x and y has a campaign to "stop violence against y" then the logical conclusion is that "x" is the villain. Unless Y on Y violence is the issue. If not, "stop violence against Y" really means that, and is feminist code for "only X is violent." X = men.

The first half of his complaint is valid. The second one is a he said/he said scenario. I too am getting increasingly frustrated by the numerous “campaigns” dedicated solely to women - the worst one being the dreaded “pink ribbon campaign” (less than 10% of the monies raised actually goes to actual research, the rest goes towards furthering their own cause and lining their own pockets - I would rather donate to Jare’s charity).

The point is, if an organization is going to publicly back a charity that benefits 50% of the population, then it MUST do so for the other 50% - and NOT as an afterthought. For example - for the month of the bright pink orgy of breast cancer awareness with the overabundance of advertising, apparel, equipment, etc; there should be an equal month of sky-blue orgy for prostate cancer awareness.

The blew team fumbled the ball on this one. While the White Ribbon campaign is a very worthy “awareness” (although the Ray Rice situation has kinda made North America “aware” of violence against women), a more comprehensive “spousal abuse” programme would be more appropriate in today’s Canadian society. Men are abused by their wives (physically and mentally), same-sex spouses are abused, and most of them are abused in silence, even (especially) if they report the abuse.

Rant over - the guy is still an idiot.

Reading though that brought to mind Chris Williams complaint of not being offered a one year plus option contract. Equally as stupid.

The guy was just taking out his frustrations from the Argos' lousy year on the front office staff. The OHRC is staffed with lefties who eat up women's causes. This guy has no chance to win his case.

An Argo-Cat fan

The most amusing part of the article is the quotation from Keith Brennenstuhl, which demonstrates a person can be called to the bar in Ontario without knowing the difference between "infer" and "imply".

Whether I agree with Heath or not, this is the response he was met with when he spoke with the CEO of the team...

[b]" Still not satisfied, he spoke with Argos executive chairman and CEO Chris Rudge on July 14.

“When I tried to state my claim and mention the WRC, he became hostile in saying that he helped create the WRC and it was too bad if it discriminates against men, then he hung the phone up on me,? Heath claimed in his complaint."

"Rudge says he can’t speak to the details of the complaint as it’s still before the tribunal, but acknowledges being contacted by Heath about the Argos’ association with the WRC, a cause close to his heart as he helped launch it with the late Jack Layton. “I think it does excellent work addressing issues important in our society.?[/b]

This is the way to speak to a customer with a concern? It shouldn't matter what Rudge's connection is to the charity in question, Heath should have gotten at least a hearing. Seems like Rudge's mind was made up almost before he spoke with the man. At this point Rudge is representing the Toronto Argonauts and not the charity.

No wonder the Argos can't draw flies! Attitude in business is learned and passed on from the top. Chris Rudge set a very poor example for his organization in this case.

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And the guidelines are strictly observed and enforced.

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