Attn Cheerleaders

Where's the party?

PM thanks.

Oh, you didn't get the memo? Dude, they were all at the Metro Convention Centre this afternoon for the Cheer Extravaganza. All eight teams were represented. Some very talented squads, if I do say so myself.

I share their vision for a brighter tomorrow

Why do I sense some sort of "lap dance"-like insinuation is being conceiled in such an aspiration?

Get any talented numbers while scouting? :smiley:

Mmmm… wall-to-wall talent… must have been so hot in there…


If they can tuck the twenties under my new beer belly then I think we'll do fine.

No, but I did get a few Jane Hancocks on some of the calendars they were selling. ($10 ea., aside from the ficticious Atlantic Schooners one where they demanded $20, and the gals inside are from Ontario, not Atlantic Canada) The only ones that didn't have calendars were Hamilton and Winnipeg; although, the Blue Lightning were peddling posters instead.

Pictures! We want pictures darn it!

Yes! We want pictures of the squads, especially of the reeeeaallly talented ones... mmm... you got Jane Hancocks... mongo you sly devil. :twisted:

What can I say? Those gals can't resist the ol' mongo charm. (Not a word, jm) :lol: Unfortunately, my buddy was more concerned with getting his pics taken with Michael Bishop, Henry Burris, Geroy Simon, Ben Cahoon, and Ricky Ray at the Lay's Zone.

So, I didn't get any pics of the cheer squad; and I was kinda reluctant of taking any of the Eskimo or Rider ones since they're co-ed. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But a little humourous side note. When I bought the Als' cheerleaders calendar and got it signed by a couple of them, they handed me a flyer to the MontreALS Huddle later that night... at a nightclub about a half mile or so north of the Rogers Centre. I might have went, but with the $15 cover to get in, I decided to save myself, and what's left in my wallet, for the game on Sunday.

That's okay... didnt get pix either. But you should've gone to the Huddle!!! Do your pregame and playy the One Beer Nurse the rest of the night. Bjut ur right, no sense wasting the money u need to licker up on Sunday.

...mongo, you owe me a new monitor...that made me spit out my coffee right there...

(pssttt...wasn't "a word"...'twas several...:lol:)

Ahhh, but jm, my dear mod friend, you forget. I only play a prick online and around the guys I hang with. :lol: