Attn: Caretaker...suggestion re CHML

With TSN now providing play by play coverage of the Tiger-Cat games, we say goodbye to CHML.

      Rick Zamparin tells me CHML has been broadcasting the games since 1950 ( with a break from 1979-1983) until last season. I remember Perc Allen doing the broadcasts when I lived in Hamilton.

  Sometime soon I would like to see the Tiger-Cats pay tribute to CHML for their long (60 years!) relationship with the team. I very much doubt any local broadcaster in the future will be able to surpass that record. 

       Any thoughts from the forum?

Perhaps an addition to the Wall of Honour (if they are not already on it). :thup:

Perc Allen was THE BEST. He could ‘paint a picture’ in my mind of what was happening on the field. Back then even all away games were not necessarily on TV so his wonderful talent was very precious. Thanks for the memories Perc. RIP sir.

Oops I meant the Legacy Wall. :oops:

I see that AM900CHML is already on it though as a "Corporate Partner" so adding them again would be redundant. :o

I don't have any other suggestions. :?

Perhaps others might? :wink:

Actually Mike that's a brilliant suggestion. Perc Allen was the best play-by-play guy out there. He belongs on the Legacy Wall.

And for the newbies out there, his first name is pronounced like 'purse', it's short for Percy/Percival.

I probably wont listen to a Cats game on TSN station. It just wont be the same imo.

Was a little worried for CHML but than remembered they will have our new OHL team to broadcast. :rockin:

Just another Icon of the Cats now in the past, maybe add CHML to the Hall of Fame club at THF or the new press area.

I haven't seen any pictures of the new press and media area at the top of the Wast stands at THF but I'm sure their amazing, maybe make a legends wall of broadcasting have pictures of CHML from the past along with all media from Tiger-Town from the CFL past, TSN, CBC, CTV, ESPN and so on.

Almost like the leafs did in the ACC with the old broadcast gondola from the gardens and the legends of Foster Hewitt and so on.


As a youth, spent many a time with Perc and Vince on my table radio; imagining the pictures they painted of plays and games. He was my introduction to the Tiger Cats and for that I will be forever grateful.

Not sure if TSN would want their former competition honoured in a public way.

However, I believe that Perc Allen and Norm Marshall (earlier Tiger cat play by play broadcaster) should be paid tribute in a lasting way as they contributed in a major way to the rich history and tradition of this team.