Attitudes and Drive: Do The 'Cats Have it?

This game is pathetic and so was the last game.

Do our guys take this game seriosuly or are they just collecting pay cheques?

This game has HUGE post-season implications and we didn't even show up for the first half.

Too relaxed, too tame, too many drops, fumbles and mistakes!

It's looking like The Bombers will be hosting a team from the West if this continues.

I still love Tiger-Cats football but it's because it's a part of me. Like a child that you love no matter what... even if he finished last place at the spelling bee!

Is there a UFL game on today? lol

Clearly these Cats do not have it unlike the Covingtons, Mosca, Zambiasis, DiPietros etc. who if they had one bad game did not have another. They took pride on what they did on the field and gave it their all. That is something I cannot say about the current Cats.

The cat's truly do treat it like a job right now. They show up, do a half-asked job and are happy to get home and relax, riding paycheck to paycheck.

I miss the days when pro players (of any sport) took pride in the team that they played for.

I am sure there are many players on Offence
who keep their motors running all the time.

but when our O-line doesn't get a strong push, it may
look like the whole unit isn't making a strong effort

but that is because the RBs have people right on them

the QB can't get his passes away to the receivers
who end up running their routes for nothing.

and I know there are many players on Defence
who keep their motors running all the time.

When I was watched Montez Murphy and Chris Hickman
they had their motors running right to the end of the play.

Our D-line didn't get pressure on Michael Bishop
and he had whole new look that baffled our guys.

He fired rockets to his running backs in open field
outside tackle and to receivers to beat our secondary

who just couldn't get in position so many times.

He had his Offence clicking on all cylinders.


As far as the whole season goes,

I have seen the Defence play with great drive
and attitude the whole games many times.


The attitude and drive of individual players is measureable.

but one can't measure these qualities
by watching or re-watching them on TV.

The camera isn't isolated on the individual battles
of 42 players for every play they are in the ball game.

Game film is needed for that.