ATTENTION: Tom Higgins

First of all i want to congratulate you on successfully reviewing and making what i believed to be the correct calls today.

Great on to the business at hand.

Youve got to let your referees understand a little pushing and shoving is fine, BUT what Fantusz and some of the
other Saskatchewan receivers are getting away with LATELY is ridiculous.


Thank you.

i hope you did send that, as i agree.

cry.... waaah... boohoo!... :cry:

im sure Higgins is going to take it into consideration..

there is absolutely nothing illegal about what they do...

Jake Ireland is the replay official so he's the one who made the calls, not Tom Higgins.

Something to add to your note to Higgins:

Please tell the officials to stop being so lenient when receivers jump the snap. If the defense is going to be called for lining up an inch off-side then so should receivers who cross the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped.

I agree, but they pretty well let all the teams do it.

Have you noticed the interference Sask receivers have gotten away with??

It's become a real problem and in my opinion the teams that hold the most are getting an advantage and that should not be.

I agree about the Sask receivers. I will also add that Montreal's O-line get away with more holding than any other team in the league. That's saying a lot as the refs just flat out aren't calling holding this year unless it is brutally obvious (and even then not always). Their O-line has become really good at abusing the current system. By this I mean they are holding enough to retard the pass rush but releasing the hold just soon enough to avoid the call which by rights should be made.

im a stamps fan, so i can be fair... we get away with the most pass interference. especially browner.

I think this is a call that looks a LOT different at field level than from the stands and on TV. Remember that as soon as the ball starts moving backwards, you're allowed to cross the line. In the stands or on TV, you don't see the ball until half a second or so after it's started moving backwards. That extra half a second is probably what accounts for receivers looking like they're offside.

And sometimes it's really obvious in the replay that the ball hasn't moved and the receiver's waggle has put him across the line of scrimmage and into the one yard zone between the offense and defense. It's been discussed by the TSN panel and during games that the refs don't seem to be calling offside on the receivers unless they are more than a yard offside.

If there is a message to get to Tom Higgins it is this;



From the games I have watched there sure is a lot of holding on the receivers. Not sure it is just the riders that do this. Problem if this is called regularly the game would be nothing but penalties.

well after next weekend and the Riders dismantaling of Burris and company you won't have to worry until next season, what a pile of crap :roll: whaaa whaaa whaaa!

Riderfan23.......Sask. will have to let up otherwise the refs will keep penalizing them for touching the golden boy (Burris).
Everytime they touch him it's another flag.....

Yeah I noticed Gloden boy, well it works both ways Riders have one too :slight_smile: wonder how much finger pointing Burrris will do next week

I wonder if the rider fans attending the game plan on complaining again every time a penalty goes against them????????????

Gets old but i must admit, it seems effective.



LOL that scared already :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow... this should be called the Official Whiner Thread... the fact is teams get away with certain infractions during the course of a game. I would look at it this way, if the Rider receivers go offside and the refs look the other way, then they look the other way with the PI that is committed against them by the Stamp DBs... sort of an even up process.

I'm not whining. I'm just pointing out to TOM Higgins and his crew, to beware of Saskatchewans receivers
running into dbs, then cutting away from them.

I give Saskatchewan receivers credit, its a fantastic play to make up for their lack of speed.

Unfortunately its ILLEGAL.