Well ticat fans, another loss under our belt, BUT don't get angry or discouraged... although obviously it is a pain in the you know what to have your hometown team go 0-4 to start the season, especially when we had such high expectations.

Why not worry? I'll tell you why...Not one ticat fan on this forum can tell me that this team hasn't improved noticably each game they have played.

Take a look at our offence last game and the previous games before that...hardly productive...hitch passes that gained nothing, draw plays for losses, very predictible. If you watched the game last night you would see us starting to throw downfield strikes for 15-25 yards at a time...pretty refreshing to start seeing an offencive component of the ball game.

What about our defence...Game 1 we had no pressure on the QB, huge holes in our secondary, and a linebacking core that had a hard time stuffing the holes on runs. Last night's game looked different to me. Our secondary looked tighter than ever, and more physical then ever. (Tay Cody's smash on Cahoon, just to name one) Mariuz looked like a man possessed to me, and deserves the start next game, along with Brooks for his play, if hes not injured. Lastly our rush on Calvillo seemed faster and stronger, maybe because the addition of Cotton back into the lineup.

HOWEVER, there were only a few flaws that really stood out, and need to be treated. The major one of the night seemed to be discipline. (Cheatwoods bonehead maneuver, the too many men call on the punt that would have gotten us 2 points) I think that all comes down to coaching though...hopefully Marshall will straigten those guys out. Maybe an issue that is more minor, but it's imparative that Kamau Peterson doesnt start. He doesn't have good hands, he isnt light on his feet, doesn't have the speed to beat a DB, and will NEVER go for a ball. If I was Maas I'd be losing my mind. Start Quinnie, thats all there is to it.

So fans, I truly believe that alot of you have lost hope in this team, and are jsut screaming for the answers, but as much as you are all going to hate hearing this, the answer is TIME. Im ticked too, but im patient as well. I strongly think that WHEN, not IF, this team gets its crap in line, which is slowly happening, we can get seriously hot, and seriously scary.

Cmon Cats fans, Keep the Faith :rockin:

If you get in a deep enough hole it won't matter if you get 'good' eventually, you'll be out of the playoffs and just playing spoiler perhaps. Ending up in 3rd may not even help if the west gets the crossover.

I saw improvements in several areas last night.

Chins up Cat fans.

Good thing the Tiger-Cats are only 2 points behind the Argos!

Only 2 points behind the argos and because of 4 teams in each division there is no cross over so we can still do this guys.

Sorry True...the X over is still in effect!!!

We're in deep...still.

Since when is being 2 points back in the standings from a playoff position

with 14 games remaining been a deep hole. fellas?

Your distress over us not winning is getting to you.

sorry there is NO cross over this year as stated by tctruesinve 62 Check the cfl website, they say no cross over either!

I was of the understanding that the crossover rule remains in effect in 2006 to appease Winnipeg's concern that due to the schedule change, they face an unreasonable amount of games in the Western Conference still and therefore don't have a level playing field as far as climbing rapidly in the Eastern Division standings by knocking off it's own division teams.

(not quite sure how that helps Winnipeg anyhow....but I remember hearing something about Winnipeg complaining.....maybe I'm wrong about that......but I do believe the cross-over rule is still with us at any rate)....maybe it was the other Western Teams complaining they play Winnipeg too much?.....that makes more sense.

In Eric Tillman's regular column called the " Tillman's Mailbag", he seems to confirm this too (dated June 06)...below is a question from a fan and Eric's answer.

[i][b]Being a proud Eskimos fan I never thought I would ask this question. But after getting our butts kicked by Winnipeg, is that crossover deal still in effect? - Michael (Camrose, AB)

Yes, Michael the crossover rule is still very much alive.[/b][/i]

Here's the link from (June 5/06):

click here

Were two points behind the Argos because Allen in hurt. When he is back, next game, things will be different for them. We are already starting our best.