Attention Ticats Staff Question About Mac Parking

From why I been Been told By Ticats Personal
we have pay to park this year.
This was due to new parking changes at Mac.
If it changes they'll let us know

What are parking Rates at Mac?

They should posted to this thread

Rates include both the GST & PST. The maximum deposit is due on entry.

Daily rates include motorcycles and mopeds.

Each Hour or Part

5.00 Daily Maximum (Central Campus) 20.00
Daily Maximum (Zone H) 15.00 Daily West Campus (M,N,O,P) Flat Rate 5.00
Disabled - Flat Rate 5.00 Disabled (after 4:00 p.m.) 2.50
Evening (after 4:00 p.m.)
Flat Rate 5.00 Evening - West Campus (M,N,O,P) (after 4:00 p.m.) 2.50
Saturday -Sunday (Central Campus) Flat Rate - All year 5.00 Saturday -Sunday (West Campus) Flat Rate - All year 2.50


If you park in a gated lot your rate is calculated at the pay station. If exit time shows a stay of less than 15 minutes you will not be charged for parking.

Thanks but what Area is Stadium in ?

What Fail to see is not everyone has ton Money at this time.
We have Budget we have to keep our expenses as low as we can.
So we need know what we are paying for parking
it has to be done to keep on Budget

I don't live on much and I know I am not only Fan on Fix Income.
so I will keep talking about this
if you don't like my posts mark me as foe in your settings and never see me again.

You're trying to make a soap opera out of nothing.

People have had all winter to put some loonies and toonies in a piggy bank if parking at McMaster is such a big deal.

Park across Main Street where all the student housing is on a side street if it's such a huge issue. Or ride a bike or something. This is nonsense.

If you're on a fixed income, perhaps you have to realize you can't afford all the luxuries of life anymore. Save your time and money for real games that count. You can't demand everything from society. If you have all that extra time, donate it to a charitable cause instead of wasting time watching people on a practice football field earning their pay cheques and paying taxes to support your hobbies.

This is so silly.

It would be nice if the Cats can find a way for fans to park for free. Should free parking be for everyone who wants to watch practice, or season ticket-holders only? Last year, wasn't it only free for season ticket holders? In my opinion, anyone who is fortunate enough to have room in their budget for season tickets has less grounds to gripe about the cost of parking than someone who can't afford game tickets at all.

I pretty much agree in principle with Deerhunter: not everything in life is available for free. Watching a pro football team practice is not a necessity, it is a luxury. While it would be nice if there were no incidental expenses entailed in getting to the practice field, the reality is that the Ticats are not the only stakeholders involved. If they can swing a parking deal for the fans, great, if not, that's life.

Everything you need to know right here.

Pay or not; I'm looking forward to some practices.

Onknight: There is no way I would ever put you on a "FOE" list.
I value your input here.

I hope some of the fans that are at the practices will post in detail what they see. Also hoping the Cats will post lots of video footage of the rookies. hint hint

[b]Don't care about Parking, Take A BUS, Park where ever.

Lets just start Some CFL FOOTBALL

GO CATS :rockin:[/b]

Who cares about parking fees, Tig?

People who intend to go to a significant amount of Training sessions.

If someone attends Training Camp for two sessions a day
for the two weeks and one half weeks of Training Camp

they will be coughing up more than $100 to pay
for parking twice a day at at least $5 a piece.

ONknight is not talking about loonies and toonies,
he is talking about a significant chunk of change.

If someone wants to go to every single training camp practice thats awesome. It shows great support for the team. But doing so is a luxury and not at all the teams responsibility to cover the monetary cost of said parking.

The team has offered free parking in the past to season ticket holders but they certainly didn’t do it because they have to.

If you can’t afford to pay… you can’t go. Life is about making your own way. Not constantly leeching off the generosity of others to the point that you expect and almost demand it. Which Onknight is doing…

Onknight is a very avid Ticat fan; perhaps the most avid on this site. Don't be hard on him for speaking his mind. This is obviously a major issue to him and perhaps he's a little strapped for cash in this economy.

I am a VERY avid fan. Does that mean I can ask the team to fly me to Hamilton for each game? This logic is ridiculous!

Avid fan or not we are responsible for making things happen for ourselves. If he can't afford it then maybe he could pick up a part time job to help him pay for parking or anything else he feels is someone else's responsibility to take care of for him.

None of you Guy Get it .....I am not asking me for ...

I sit with Bunch of Retired Men and Low Income Fans who come to Training Camp.
We meet every year Starting at Camp and go to end of The season
It is the one thing I have do all Summer
we Get Together to watch Camp and Practices.
Talk about the Team and Enjoy Each Other Company.
Most of us are On Fix Incomes
If we pay 5 Dollars for Parking and we go all During camp Including two days that 150.00 or more
That Food for a month for some people.

Once Football Season is Over I am in House till next season.
Board out of mine dam Mind. Saving my 450.00 to come to next Season.

This is my one True love this game.
I am not only one who dose this trust me

I am not asking for that I am asking break on Parking for People who on Fix Incomes.
that Apples to Oranges my Friend (if Your Retired or Disabled you have alot of Money)

Why don't all you guys car pool. It will only cost you a buck a piece.

This is the best thread ever about five dollars. :thup:

Maybe the worst analogy ever.

C'mon Zen, you're better than that.

I agree with Tom. The Cats should do something about the parking. I drop down maybe two or three times a camp (when and if I can) and I don't mind throwing down a few bucks to park. But some of our fans go to the two-a-days and don't miss a workout. Things would add up quickly for them. Most of them are retirees and other fans on fixed incomes. They should be commended for their loyalty.

"Once Football Season is Over I am in House till next season.
Board out of mine dam Mind."

Ding! Ding!

Here's an idea? Spend your winters volunteering at McMaster. I'll guarantee you'll get a free parking pass for training camps and a host of other stuff at McMaster throughout the year.

There's your solution!

(necessity is the mother of all invention)