Attention Ticats Staff Question About Mac Parking

Last year there Issuie for when Fans s Coming to Rookie Camp and Tranning Camp.
We where told If your Season ticket Holder parking for free .
Problem was the parking Staff at Mac did not know this ..

Can please make sure they know at Mac before The Team is at Mac.
Thank you

thinks at mac have changed and they nolonger do parking with tellers and those boths. everything is now automated now

Still are we going have to pay for parking ???

There is no longer any parking staff in the kiosk to whom you can show your season ticket receipt and obtain free parking. Entry into and exit from every on-campus parking lot at McMaster University is now controlled by automated gates. On weekends, the flat rate is $5.00 per exit. Before you can leave the parking lot, you must either walk over to an automated pay station to make a cash or credit card payment and have your parking ticket marked “paid” or you can pay by credit card from your car at each exit gate.

Unless the Ticats pay or otherwise arrange for McMaster University to keep the Lot “B” automated gate open all day, you will have to pay $5.00 for parking each time you exit the lot.

During McMaster basketball season, there was still "Free" parking at the extreme North end of the campus (just beyond the former Tiger Cat workout field - where fans would park 2 years ago for training camp). There are no gates at this parking area. Perhaps there will be free parking there at training camp this year. It may be a bit of a hike to the new football stadium from there, but it might still be free of charge.

This going to make a lot People angry

The Ticats will find a way around this, ONknight. Have faith, it's not rocket science.

They could ask HSR to Run Shuttle Buses to Black and Gold Day.
Maybe see if the Also give Fans Free Rides with Season Ticket to Mac and Back

your kidding right ? the hsr run shuttle buses for the 30 or 40 fans who probably be there. the west hamilton (5c) bus goes into the campus 7 days a week, the king (1a) five days a week

Yes but not every one knows all Buss Routes
If they had Shuttle Buss leave From IWS.For the The Black and Gold Game

This going to make a lot People angry
Angry at what?

I'm not getting the concern here? Am I missing something?

I think some people expect almost everything to be free. Stop using the season ticket holder crutch. If they charge they charge.. if they don't they don't.

What else do you guys expect to be free because you have a season tickets? Rent?

Life and its activities cost money.. move on.

During the week I know it's expensive to park at Mac but $5 bucks on the weekend is good.

You can always park on the street and walk, just like Ticat games or do what Mac students do, park at Metro and take the bus into Mac.

Nothing in this life is free. There are ways around paying there though.

Look I don’t mind Walking a Far Distance… But we have Fans who Senor Citizens or Disabled
what about them they can walk 4 or 5 blocks also around mac has no Parking Areas
you may have to park 20 to 30 mins away .

Frankly I asked I Question to the Staff here
I Expect the Staff to Answer it not the Fans here.

Look I don't mind Walking a Far Distance.. But we have Fans who Senor Citizens or Disabled
what about them they can walk 4 or 5 blocks also around mac has no Parking Areas
you may have to park 20 to 30 mins away .

Frankly I asked I Question to the Staff here
I Expect the Staff to Answer it not the Fans here.

First of all , you posted this on a FAN forum. To suggest that FANS are not going to respond is ignorant.
Perhaps you should have contacted the Cats directly.

Nobody is saying that you can't go , it just may cost you. If you can't afford it , you don't go. Very simple.
I'm a really big fan of Jamaica but can't afford to go this year . Suxs but that's the way it bounces.

I can tell you for sure that access to the big lot near the student centre will be limited and require payment as it is mainly for the students and it gets pretty liberal use, even during the summer.

Try parking near MDCL or as someone else suggested just outside the practice field.

Take a bus. If you are worried about parking and walking, take the bus.

If you have a question for the Ticat staff, ask them. The person above me is right. This is a fan forum. If you ask a question, fans will respond.

I understand your concerns but in reality, why should you park for free? Just because it was that way in the past, doesn't mean that it will be that way. I think MAC was nice enough to let you park for free. They don't have to do it.

Bob Young's Ticats have always either, paid the parking fee
for season ticket holders to attend Training Camp sessions,

or they have made arrangements with Mc Master so
that we can park for free during Training Camp sessions.

The difficulty this time is the parking lots are set up so that
the only way to get out of the lot is to pay your way out.

I fully expect some temporary arrangement will be set up get around this
and we will not have to pay for parking to attend Training Camp sessions.

that was closed in March because i had to start paying for parking when i would go down to work out with the team on sundays ad wednesdays of the school year