Attention Ticats Fans

The riders will be starting the very young and inexperienced backup Brandon Bridge tonight.

So , let's help our Defence and be the 13th man . Bring as many noise makers as you can to the game like a cowbell , drum or a CFL blow horn or anything else you can think . Your voice and stomping might help too. Let's show the CFL and the Ticats players how much we are behind them and encourage the people around you to do the same as we all want them to win .
Keep in mind to only make noise when they have the ball so they can't hear the play calls and audible calls ( change to the play ) . When we are in saskatchewan , the fans are so loud when we have the ball we often cannot change the play or even hear the QB that is why you see qb's lift their leg when they want the ball hupped to them or we have to call a time out or proceed with a broken play. The loudness intimidates and makes it very hard to manage the offence . They could use our help and it also pumps the defence up .

Oh and no need to make noise when we have the ball other than cherring after a good play :slight_smile:


As coach June Jones said :

We have a chance to something really special here .

I like to see teams execute to the best of their abilities. All this unnecessary noise has ruined the game. If I want to hear noise I will stay home with the kids. I want some decent competitive football. You don't get that in the east and this is why crowds are declining.