Attention Ticats Defence

Watch out for argo receiver armanti Edwards throwing the ball as he was a successful qb in university

Hey Glanville, WAKE UP!!

36 games played, no passes.

How many ex QBs are playing other positions?

Has armanti Edwards been seen throwing passes in practice this week?

just asking

Maybe focus in on that Franklin guy as the passer. He was great last week in relief and is playing for his career with a very solid group of receivers.

Hey Grover, try getting some new material this one is passed it’s best before date.

Yes of course we need to focus on Franklin but just wanted to share what might hidden gem receiver throw play for the Argos


Bookmarked for the next time I see the words “Mediocre Masoli” or “5 year plan”

I find it hard to take you seriously when exactly 7 days ago you posted this. ???

Quote from: Gerbear20

They would have added an import receiver or two like sinkfield or bkari grant in this bi week so he can be ready to start learning the offence asap. Tolliver could be out for awhile and we are already without saunders and williams and rashad lawrence has not shown more cheerleaders no grey cup coming to hamilton soon and last one here was 1996. This team does not set their standards or expectations very high...We are often the laughing stock of the league. We trade a great olineman for the first pick to draft chapman and it turns out he had no inentions of signing with us unless it was for an unreasonably huge amount. Did Allemang and Burke not talk to chapman before giving up bomben. It seems not. Someone should get fired for such a blunder.

Kick some Hogtown butt !

Too much foam on my Latte!

What you said!!

Hey Gerbear, I just finished reading many of your previous posts. The word that comes to mind is "damn" !

Grover has been to the TiCat mountain top and he didn't see you there.

Pat Lynch (the old guy just shaking his head in disbelief)