Attention Ticat FANS - $$$ - Let's wake up

I am starting to get suspicious .

How long must we put up with this Mickey Mouse performance. It reminds me of the LEAFS organization .

I think the issue her is there is not enough money . Last year we had Armour in there at Linebacker and Armstead at reciever . We let both of them go and have not replaced them at all . I see they are spending on printers and maybe moreno , mckay-lausher, miles and lumsden but the rest of the team is being payed peanuts or should be as they are mostly rookies .

I am certain many teams are over the cap . I mean the argos wer alredy over the cap and they then bring in the league mvp Joseph and a bunch of NFL revievers . I'd like to know how their true team salary compares to ours ..i think it is much different .

watching the ticats last year and last night was like watching a high school team play .. i am embarrassed to say i planned my night around it .

They look like they don't practice . It seemed like the Montreal offence could do whatveer they pleased and where always steps ahead of the ticats . I lost track of how many late tackles Mariuz and GORDON made when they were 2 steps behind. i think the ALS looked at or defence and said Gordon can't cover man to man and either can MARIUZ so let's exploit them . They also exploited our defensive line with the 2 useless defensive tackles.

OBIE what is happening ?
go get some defensive lineman that can generate a rush and tackle .
go get a real linebacker that can fight of blockers and tackle unlike mariuz
get rid of this high school coach taffee we have seen enough .

if you don't have the money to spend to get real players then go back to BC and let us know that we have a joke organization . We can't win with like 3 or 4 decent players being paid decently and a bunch of rookies and a high school coach.

a bunch of rookies and a high school coach.
Please don't insult the high school coaches. I can't remember the last high school game that had a field goal called back for no end :oops:

Finally some sense. I agree. They should increase ticket prices, bust the cap, and start winning some games. My seats are grossly under-priced. I'll easily pay double what I am now. Then I say the TiCats coax Barry Sanders out of retirement and steal Belichick away from the Pats.

Just run more commercials on the jumbotron