Attention: Somebody is hacking into my account and posting

Just so everyone, including the moderators know, there are some posts mysteriously apprearing (this is the 2nd time I have seen it) under my "Deerhunter" account that I DID NOT POST, wasn't part of the conversation and wasn't even near a computer at the time.

Please check the IP address of the post that appeared in a thread that is locked.

Locked thread title is "22 will be insurance......" where a post appeared under my name.

I am no computer techie, but the IP address of that particular post should match someone else that posts here correct ? That's how you will identify the culprit possibly.


I just knew that TommyBoy1 was up to no good. I'm going to get the Hardy Boys right on this mystery. If they can't solve it then nobody can.

Its quite possible. There are several ways to change your IP address though. However, if it does match that of another user, they likely are the culprit.

8) The Hardy Boys just might need help from Lt. Columbo, and MacMillian &Wife on this one, "pope" !! :lol:

And here I thought deerhunter was going to stop posting on this forum, you know, since he became a "reporter" for a great metropolitan newspaper, the Daily Planet I think it was.

LMAO :lol:

I haven't been posting much lately...THIS THREAD at least provides some comic relief for the disasters we have been watching on the field...AND it sure beats the heck out of reading all the "fire this guy"..."sign this guy" stuff.


don't forget the illustrious Charlie Chan and the indomitable Inspector Clouseau.

regarding the deerhunter imposter, you should PM Earl as he had a similar issue a few months ago which was corrected I believe.

yeah, well all that is very interesting and funny I supoose....but the fact is, my account is being compromised and that's never a funny thing....

Thanks for least someone doesn't see this as funny

It wasn't funny at all. The administrators finally figured it out, the problem which wasn't a hacking issue I don't think, but to be honest I'm not sure how it was corrected. Seems fine now.

8) You're right again "mightypope" !!
  Deerhunter did indeed say that he was going to cease taking part in conversations on this forum !!
   Said he would not partake in  discussions any more on here !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think he meant just during deer hunting season. :cowboy:

I seem to remember that his type of deer hunting doesn't have a specific season.

I had the same problem a few months ago.
The posts weren't really offensive or anything, just supportive of views that were odd.
When I tried to have it straightened out, I was accused of using multiple accounts & my week 1 post in the VGCC was erased.
Thanks for that Ti-Cats.
I googled up this IP & hacking thang, and it seems like a hell of alot of work to do for little results.
I think it is a glitch in the system as my sign in name is different than my posting name & my password is very strong.

Wait a do we know this post isn't from the impostor?

thanks Spinner.

that sounds exactly like my issue

the 2 posts I’ve seen are not bad or anything like that… just not my own words or posting style. So maybe it is just a wierd glitch in the Ticats server. I feel a little better. I was more worried that someone could use my “private message” to bother or harass other members as if I was from me. But I checked my PM record and that hasn’t happened.

It is a creepy feeling for sure…but I think you may be right. Hopefully that’s the explanation.

Thanks again,

Well I'm glad to hear the issue is resolved Deerhunter, and glad that you didn't report my post to Tommyboy1 as offensive, though I have a feeling Tommy did.

Anywho, I suggest using a strong password. A combination of upper and lower case letters mixed with numbers and as long as the site allows. You will be un-hackable.

I can confirm that for you a1. It was offensive and gutless on a forum like this...hiding behind a keyboard, its easy to name call I guess...

Anyway, I know this is off topic, but somehow my name keeps getting mentioned here as if I had something to do with it, and I can assure you DH I did not. I know people who have had it happen before too....some who have even posted without realizing that they were somehow logged in as someone it's just a glitch..

Glitches happen, happened to me as well.