Attention season seat holders: Guelph 5-Pack now available

They are constructing half a stadium for pete sakes and keeping the team in Hamilton in a new stadium. The Broadway article is talking about maintaining, not building new.

Ok, I'm cheap but $5.00 per game for some 10 games next year - I'm not that cheap with getting a brand new stadium in Hamilton. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Hf, me thinks a pro team just won't work out in Halifax, perhaps. :wink:

It is not a flex pack. You do not select which games you can go to, or how many of the 5 "vocuchers" you could use per game as is the way with a flex pack.

Once the schedule is released in February, the Ti-Cats will select 5-game packages. You pick which package you want.

Pack holders will have the ability to choose from multiple [b][i]packages of [u]preselected games[/u][/i][/b] after the 2013 CFL schedule is officially released.
Did I get that right [b]scottmcn[/b]?

That is correct. 5-Pack holders will select which package works best for them after the schedule is released.

Thanks for the quick reply scottmcn.

Any idea when the Tiger-Cats will know how many games will be played in Guelph?

And I guess that will, in part, determine how many different 5-game packs will be available to chose from.

So here is my question after reading all this GOLD seats cost me 504.42 (plus taxes) each in 2012 for 10 home games. Will the flex package (I understand predetermined games) be $500/10games in 2012 *5 games in 2013= $250 if I renew by the early bird deadline?

Sorry...forgot the $5 per game facility fee. So add another $25 to the $250.

If this is the case, then it's at least a compromise by the team. If the cost for the 5 games is any higher, why would I be paying more per game? (other than the facility fee which I can stomach)

2013 Season Seat Breakdown with Paul Osbaldiston Video.

Here what I was told, yes I was getting youth pricing for my kids. The price I paid in 2012 was at a discounted rate. The original release stated that we would be paying the same price in 2013 we did in 2012. I was directed to a different portion of the website for their rider saying.... no youth pricing in 2013. I would put money on it that it was added after my run in with Kevin the ticket guy.

I then spoke to another ticket rep as Kevin was so overly professional. They basically said too bad it is what it is. She then made a comment that they would be calling me in April or May to put a deposit down for 2014.

Can't wait for the day when they call me and ask for a deposit for 2014.


You can find the early bird price chart for 2013 season seats and 5-Packs here:

I gather you won't be putting a deposit down then eh Box C Me? :wink: Well, at least this doesn't happen all that often, you know, having to go to a temporary stadium in another town for a year. But if for whatever reason it does happen a 2nd time sooner rather than later, at least now they have a real life simulation run to iron the kinks out for the 2nd time. No test run for this time though, oh well. :wink:

Well well. Barring any unpleasant surprises or a bad time with a ticket rep, Ticat tickets could be back in play for me.

It's unfortunate that the Ticats had to learn the hard way that their fan support is not deep or desperate enough to get away with forcing a bad deal on people, but good that they have agreed to meet fans half way.

It was never reasonable to punish long time fans for being unable or unwilling to travel 1+ hours out of town ten times a year for games. Who knows, maybe it was in the plans all along to see how many full-season packages they could sell by being uncompromising, and then to compromise once they reached the bottom of that well.

Whatever the case, 4-5 games in Guelph I can probably do, and remaining tier one provides the opportunity to sit with mylong-time group at the new stadium. That's all I was asking for - a compromise for next year that didn't punish me in future years.

I managed to become a half owner of Argos season tix with some good people in this process, which I am actually looking forward to. It should be an interesting season all around.

There is no amount of marketing that will convince me to purchase tickets this year. I am amazed at how many gullible people there are that are willing to pay for Mitchell's and Young's extremely poor negotiating skills. It is like Hydro or Water Works telling you to conserve and when you do they raise the rates because they are not generating enough revenues. At least here you can send a message to these guys not like Hydro or Water rates.

I will assess how Austin makes out and what he can do with the team. I may or may not purchase my Tier 2 tickets in 2014 based on that scenario. Otherwise I was gone permanently!

So in reality what they have done is create a 3 tiered system out of a 2 tiered system. We now have Tier 1A picking first (purchases complete season's tix), Tier 1B picking after 1A (5-pack purchasers) and then finally Tier 2 now picking behind even more bodies in 2014.

With the games on weekends at this point I can say definitively that I can 100% make one game if I wanted to go which would be the labour Day game since retail is closed. My first question is will the Labour Day game be included in this. My second question is will there ever be an apology that maybe their original plan wasn't thought out very well.

As for the meeting over the tier 1 and 2 .......... I ended up being offered a shift change so that I could go to the meeting that Wednesday so I e-mailed the person responsible late Monday night or real early Tuesday to see if there were any more seats available. I never got a response, so I found something else to do and was dismayed to read that only 6 attended and 1 of the 6 went without an invite.

Maybe I gave them credit too soon. I haven't read the fine print and I haven't heard about the details of the new option from a ticket rep yet.

If you are correct and the fine print indicates that 5-game ticket holders will be some new tier that isn't on level with the other tier 1, I expect that will be the final straw for me and I will be done as a season ticket buyer for this team. For a good long time and maybe forever.

I don't want to assume that this compromise isn't all it was cracked up to be until I know for sure, but it speaks volumes that I do not consider the possibility to be a stretch. I guess I'll know soon enough.

Well Labour Day game tickets can't be included since the Labour Day game is in Toronto.

Thanks Scottmcn. The prices for the 5 pack are exactly 1/2 my 2012 prices plus the facility fee.

No thanks Scottmcn.... my 5 pack is more than 1/2 of my 2012 prices plus facility fee. Looks like I'll be in Tier 3 if I am not fed up with the team by then. This team always makes you think they are doing you a favor. I remember when I dropped by season tickets back in the Charlie Taffe days. I got a call from Scott Mitchell who convinced me to continue my seats and I even bought another one since. Call me again Scott... I'll tell you what I really think. Maybe I'll just go back to being one of those smart individuals that show up, buy a ticket for less than 1/2 price and sit anywhere they want.

Where have you read about another tier in the system. Or is this a case of people making sh*t up again? Please show me...because I have not seen it mentioned.

From Scott's post:

  • Priority access to the new stadium - season seat holders who purchase a 5-Pack will be provided with tier 1 access within their price category when selecting their seats at the new stadium in 2014.

From the website (notice full season and five game pack are together):
Benefits for full season and 5-Pack season seat holders

A discount on Tiger-Cats merchandise (10% off for all season seat holders, 15% off for platinum season seat holders).
Great savings of up to 69% off individual game day prices.
Account Manager - E-mail tickets, print from home and manage your account information online.
Tier 1 priority access when selecting seats at the new stadium in 2014.

I've said it many times, I have no issue with bashing the team when its warranted...but don't make shit up in order to do it.

oh? You've seen the schedule??

Thats the common is NOT official.

Current season seat holders who purchase full season seats in 2013 or a 5-Pack will have the same tier 1 priority access in 2014.

There is no Tier 1a or 1b.