Attention Rusty

Rusty, we are all, I am sure, dying to know how Cameron enjoyed his first Christmas, and what great Ticat gear Santa brought him.

Please let us know !!

Cameron LOVED his first Christmas. I will have some really great pics to post when we get back to Petawawa!

As far as Santa and gifts from relatives, etc...

Lets just say I won't have to buy footballs for a long time! haha

Cameron is 11 months old today. He is now almost 16 lbs! Not bad for a 1 lb baby! :smiley: He just told me today that he decided to come into this world early so that he could get a head start on his training! LOL

Great Rusty! Thanks for the pic…man, is the little guy ever growing!!

I’m starting to think QB now…look at those eyes, it’s like he just spotted a wide open receiver down the seam…

Yeah, that or a cookie! Not sure which one yet! lol

What a little cutie! Hope to see him in the stands watching our Cats kick butt... hopefully he won't be a teenager by the time that happens!

He looks great in that jersey!

All the best to the family...

He's adorable!! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

I should be bringing him to a game next season. He'll be a little over a year old. He won't sit still for long but there's a family area right? Unfortunatley there's a lot of Friday night games. When you have to plan a 6 hr road trip to attend a game... Friday doesn't work. I need a Saturday Night game... unless I take time off work.

Here is a Christmas pic...