Attention : Receivers Wanted

Looks like its Open Season on QBs in Hamilton again. Seems like only yesterday we were hanging Danny Mac. Seriously,does anyone really believe Maas has lost it? There has to be an explanation for the drastic change in his performance 2005 to 2006. Obviously,the change in Offensive coaching has been beneficial in that for the first time this season he got to stand in the pocket and look for his receivers ,not run for his life(although that did occur as the game wore on and the team started to fold). What is worrisome is that even with time to look,Maas still seemed to have noplace/no one to throw to - and this has been a season-long trend .We know what he did in EDM. with those receivers ,so why the big change? I think its time to move the focus from just Maas/O-Line and examine the receiving corps.
As a group,they are far short of the speed and talent of the Eskimo corps.-and THEY are what you NEED to pose a threat to defences.
D.J.Flick stays - hes our only bona-fide receiver. The jury is out on Terry Vaughn - has he lost his speed and elusiveness to age or does the opposition concentrate more on him because we lack multiple threats? Kamau Peterson has improved greatly from last season-I dont think anyone can question his heart or pass-catching ability now.
However,I just dont see him as a WR - I dont see the deep speed or route-running savvy.With his size
and demonstrated willingness to go into traffic on short routes,I think he could be effective at the Inside position.

Brock Ralph has been disappointing -either the kid doesnt want to play here or hes been way over-rated.Definitely Trade Bait - back home to Cal. for John Grace ? Mike Morreale is still dependable-if Peterson cant do it at Inside , give the job to Morreale.
Lets get Kahlil Hill on the outside and scare some defences - this could pay added dividends in that it may open up others Vaughn/Flick). If we can improve our passing game,it follows that the running game will benefit - now Holmes and Ranek do Lift-Off. Should Lumsden return,that would add a CDN. to offset the Import (Hill) at WR. Also,Ranek then becomes Tradeable ( sorry Josh,I really like having you here,but this is a Game of Numbers,not Favourites).Sidebar-Maas and Ranek to B.C. for Printers and ??? The Canadian game is a PASSING game,so lets make the most of it.
Oh yes - and if the game is going badly,get the 3rd -string QB in there pronto. No sense continuing to ruin Maas` confidence, and Eakin DOES NOT have what it takes to be a Reliever - which is what a Back-Up QB has to be. Let the kid have a chance to show and learn - what have you got to lose ?

Just Saw Invincible, when is open try out?

I dont see a Copeland or Arlan Bruce or Geroy Simon in our bunch and we need to have a guy like that to succeed . We need a guy with thier hands thier speed and thier desire to want and get up and get the long balls . Flick doesnt even come close to these guys !!!

I've said from day 1 that this Cat receiving corps is largely 2nd rate. Flick is average at best. Vaughan seems to have lost the desire to play at an elevated level. No matter how you cut it, the rest are not good enough for this league. As others have stated on this thread, not a Simon, Cahoon, Bruce, Stegall, Copeland, etc. among them.

Not that I'm convinced that any of the 3 QBs could find them anyway.

An Argo fan

I miss the dependable tight end...big, good hands a la Knight, Dipietro...
Accurate pattern running, hunger for getting the ball, and catching ability far overshadow speed-and speed sometimes is the only factor that gets guys signed.

Morreale at slot gives me the heebeejeebee's since when he's striving for yards after the completion ..that ball is dangling out and about....
I like to see a ball carrier take on defenders with both arms on the ball to the point you can't even see it.
Oldies like Mark Braganolo, Jed Tommy even Jessie carry it in traffic the proper way.

wouldn't mind seeing Jesse used as a partial TE.

on the note of receivers... coming into this year i didn't really see a #1 or "A" guy in our corps.

we've got a lot of #2 or really good #3 guys, but no outright #1....

just my opinion.

it'd be okay if you've got a QB who will spread the ball around, but there isn't that game breaker that changes the games (a la Arland Bruce or Milt Stegall)